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Lisa Vanderpump Thinks Stassi Schroeder Is ‘The Maestro Of Manipulation’ — Find Out Why!

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Vlog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Lisa weighs in on Jax and Sandoval's disagreement, Stassi and Scheana's rekindled friendship and clams that Stassi is still the same old Stassi. Check out Lisa's video blog below!

Read full transcript of Lisa's vlog below - courtesy of Bravo

"Hi, I'm Lisa Vanderpump welcome to my video blog.

I kind of agree with Sandoval, really. She's gonna come back, she's gonna manipulate these people to do exactly what she wants to do. Same old Stassi.

Scheana's a very important stepping stone to getting back to Katie because Stassi knows that Scheana and Katie have become good friends.

That shows me that she's kind of the maestro of manipulation.

Schwartzy, you don't invite somebody that your future bride to be is at odds with to your engagement party. This should be Katie's moment and somehow it's turned and it's all about Stassi once more.

I did this picture many years ago with a very, very well-known photographer in England. These pictures were for Ken so, when we're old and grey, he can remember that I was a little bit of hot stuff. Once. Long time ago.

I don't know where I got that expression, "wussy pussy", but, it's just, I need him to take the man pill...or the whole bottle.

I think there was another way that Katie should have handled it and I don't like to criticize Katie. I always give a subliminal message, it permeates much more. Rather than criticizing your spouse directly, go the other route. Trust me, he won't be defensive then.

Who actually says, "I'm the number one guy in the group"? I mean, what kind of message is that? So basically, "I'm Jax Taylor and you're all inferior to me." That's never gonna go down well.

Well, that was my video blog, I'm Lisa Vanderpump and thank you for watching."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo