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Lisa Vanderpump On Erika Girardi: “She Exacerbated A Contentious Situation”

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump is hurt that Yolanda thinks she would have anything but the best of intentions when it comes to Bella and Anwar. Lisa writes:

"Here we are once more. Hold my hand as I lead you down the path of this complicated journey.

So off we trot to cryotherapy to meet Yolanda. Of course it was an incredibly strange experience, but the invitation had been extended, and I accepted, albeit reluctantly, but I wanted to connect with her and feel we were supporting her in her quest for well being.

As we left, I felt a giddiness, one from the experience, but mainly from the giggles and the fact that we all bonded in such a positive way. I had no idea what was about to ensue. Lunch was ordered and medical records were served.

They were placed in front of me with an accusation that was unjust...I had no idea how Yolanda had reached this conclusion that I would speculate about Bella and Anwar's constitution.

I would never bring somebody's children (especially their health) into this very public forum, but Yolanda did...twice...of her OWN volition. She announced that they we were infected with Lyme disease, volunteered the information, first when we had drinks and were introduced to Erika.The second time was with Kyle in the park. Now the first time, initially, I believed was inadvertent. It was just prior to her surgery and she was emotional, she had been talking about her will and survival, and I believed, as sometimes happens, as moments are often captured, you only realize later, often with regret.

That was how I perceived this situation to be, but when I saw her consciously initiate the conversation in the park, once more the subject was brought to the forefront which surprised me greatly. As I viewed this, I was incredulous. She has stated don't bring my kids into this, but she did, twice. At the barbecue, I was asked questions about my perspective, having known the family for years. My understanding was they were healthy until Yolanda informed me otherwise. What else was I supposed to do? Lie? Say I knew nothing? I tried to shut it down, reticent to indulge in a conversation that was really none of my business. Furthermore there was no point in implicating Kyle by stating she questioned me. What was the point? I would deal with this alone. I have loved those children and seeing them prosper from the show and reach their goals has made me very happy, and I am deeply saddened that anyone would think I had nothing but good intentions for them. At some point two years ago I vociferously defended Bella against negativity because of that exact sentiment.

My children have opened their lives to some extent. Max has spoken openly about the precarious subject of his adoption, which could have repercussions. Pandora has willingly let us follow her relationship with Jason as they embarked on their lives together, but not once have I revealed personal details about their health and physicality. If they were struggling, it would be their choice if they chose to share it in this incredibly public domain--one that has a ripple effect, as articles and blogs are created from what is documented.

I was aware that Lisa had remorse for instigating the conversation regarding Munchausens and was eager to purge her guilt to Yolanda. There had been an inordinate amount of chatter to which I was aware, many opinions over the last couple of years, about the plethora of daily photographs that Yolanda had posted.

I never wanted to indulge, but honestly I had sometimes been drawn in, mystified and commented, maybe a few times, but as my loyalty lay with Mohamed and whenever this subject was raised, between Mohamed and me, it was with the utmost respect.

So Yolanda had loyalty to her informer, Erika, except Erika had grossly overstated my intent. Had she repeated the scenario in a productive way, hypothetically she would've stated "Lisa Vanderpump was uncomfortably trying to shut down a conversation." Instead, she exacerbated a contentious situation. Yolanda then was guilty by omission as she inferred it was Lisa R who passed this on. Not so.
Anyway, it is a complicated scenario, to which there are no winners.

We enjoyed the frivolity of the evening and were well entertained by Erika. It would have been easier for Erika to have admitted her doing but understandably the after party was probably not the place. I don't know why Erika is so judgmental of us all. She would be an easy target as the newbie, but we have welcomed her into this group with open arms, and no, I am not some narrow-minded BH old lady as I have created some of the most innovative gay venues in London, but one more insult as we proceed onwards to join the others.

Alas I will close off now. I have only just viewed the episode this morning and I hurriedly write this blog and now will start my day, a day filled with positivity. As many of you know, who have witnessed other aspects of my life, my life is challenging as I endeavour to hold the reins on hundreds of employees but also dedicate my life to causes that affect me, drawing attention to the plight of others. My preference is that time spent with friends should be enjoyed. We live and learn.

As always ..Love Lisa."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo