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Lisa Rinna Thinks Yolanda Hadid Was Trying To Humiliate Kyle Richards In Her Email!

Lisa Rinna is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa gives Kathryn a lesson in tattle telling and has some very strong opinions about the 'Wives' lunch. Lisa writes:

"Wow. I have been dethroned, and I'm happy about it. My unofficial, unwanted title as this season's sh-- stirrer torch has been passed... Hallelujah, praise the baby Jesus!

We start off seeing the gang at Soulcycle raising money for Habitat for Humanity. I'm really sorry that I missed this event due to being at QVC in Pennsylvania. I love Soulcycle and nothing feels better than giving back as we are all very fortunate, and it’s so great to see Mauricio and his real estate company, The Agency, doing this with Soulcycle. Good for Kyle and Mauricio! They are true givers! Besides, it's always fun to see LVP and Kyle banter back and forth and LVP even being inside the Soulcycle building was a sight! I never thought I'd see it, let alone her straddling a bike! Ha!

On we go to Frieda's for lunch. Watching this was eye opening for me, to say the least. First of all, I wasn't there, and a good deal of the conversation was about ME. I find this fascinating since I have been scolded all season long for talking about others, gossiping, etc. So I guess it's safe to say that it’s human nature and we can't really help ourselves when we all talk and gossip, now can we?

The "chatter" here is about how I’m bothered by Yolanda's bipolar label that she could have put on me but didn't due to her integrity. Kyle and Lisa bring it up and then seem to feel the need to question it. Why?! For the record, I am not bothered at all by the bipolar comment. What I find interesting, though, is how it seems LVP and Kyle want me to be…I could not speak for myself since I wasn’t present at the lunch, so it takes on a life of its own. We've seen this before, haven't we?

All that really matters to me is that Yolanda owns up to the fact that she put the bipolar word out there. Just like I put out the Munchausen comment. I was sharing that I had a conversation about it and felt badly that I did. Regardless of context, I still did put it out there, and I’m grateful that Kyle came to my defense to explain this yet again.

Own it and move on, I say.

Instead everyone gets into a fight over it, and Yolanda says she has "a lot in the vault" about Kyle, which, to me, insinuates that she has some bad boogy on Kyle. I don't like insinuations as you all know by now. I don't like when people threaten with false accusations that they can't back up, or worse, flat out lies. It's dirty pool. So, unfortunately, we have to see the Amsterdam scene for the 4,000th time. Yes, I find that to be an injustice, yes it pissed me off, yes I have strong feelings about it, and yes I have owned it. Can we just be done with it already? The lunch ends badly with LVP leaving Kyle with the mess and everyone sits there in an awkward silence. Good times!

Thank god I was busy working with Jenny McCarthy co-hosting her Dirty Sexy Funny Sirius radio show at that time. I love nothing more than Jenny McCarthy and live radio together, because I can be as sassy and dirty as I want to be. I like to push the envelope and get a rise out of people, and so does Jenny. Perfect match! Thanks Jenny, it was so fun!

So, out of the blue an email pops up in my inbox but it’s addressed to Kyle from Yolanda. At first I think I received this email by mistake but then noticed that we were all cc'd on the email. LVP, Eileen, Kathryn, Erika, and myself. Since I have been out of the loop, this all seems very odd to me.
I read the email addressed to Kyle with everyone else cc’d, but as I'm reading what it says, I feel as if I shouldn't be seeing it and that it's not intended for my eyes, yet it was sent to me.

Now I understand being foggy and sleeping on it and being unsettled and worked up and then sending a threatening text. Yes, I did that. So I know where Yolanda is coming from writing this email. I can relate to unresolved anger and feelings, lashing out and not thinking things through, as I do tend to take things too far. I do, and I recognize this in myself.

Yolanda's email, in my opinion, is passive aggressively scolding and shaming Kyle while having the rest of us read it in order to humiliate Kyle, I think. In hindsight, Yolanda could have called Kyle privately. But alas, we are all human and not perfect, so I have empathy for Yolanda's frustration and anger and acting out. Though I do believe Yolanda needs to listen to herself and abide by the rules she sets for all of us, don't you think?

So it was interesting to go to Kyle’s house and have her fill me in on all of the shenanigans at Frieda's and her thoughts about the Yolanda email and that vault Yolanda referenced. Hmmm, I still wonder what Yolanda has in that vault regarding Kyle...

Next we go to Erika's house. It was very touching to see Erika speak so fondly about her grandmother. She was obviously very close to her, and it was nice to see Erika be so vulnerable and to be open and honest about how she feels about friendships with women. I like Erika very much, and I tend to be drawn to people when they are vulnerable, honest and true to their authentic selves.

But then the conversation turns to talking about LVP. Erika says, and I quote, “I think she engages from the side. I think she doesn’t want to leave any fingerprints." So, Kathryn and Erika are talking about LVP behind her back. Noted.

Now here's the deal: If you’re going to be a tattletale, you should get the the story straight and not come up with “your own version" of the story, Kathryn. That's Tattletale 101. So, for Kathryn to then go straight to LVP and tell her what Erika said, but not, was crazy. Where do you get “spinning a web” out of shooting bullets from the side like a sniper? Anyway, I think Kathryn just spun her very own web to get tangled up in, but we live and we learn.

Clearly, Eileen is not done with what happened in the Hamptons with LVP. Now I understand how sensitive it is for Eileen, and I don't think she herself realized just how sensitive and deep that wound is in her. Eileen never wanted to hurt anyone. Life happens, people fall in love and everything happens for a reason, I believe, and to put a label of affair on the situation was hurtful to Eileen and Vinny, and I can see how labels cause pain and hurt feelings.

LVP is having a hard time seeing that and seeing Eileen's pain. LVP feels attacked, she is defensive and she feels as if she has already apologized. Yet Eileen feels dismissed, not acknowledged by LVP, and I can see that she just wants to be seen and heard. That's what we all really want from one another, isn't it? Unfortunately, LVP doesn't seem willing to give that to Eileen for whatever reason. It was very uncomfortable to watch this play out again, as there are many unresolved feelings here… They are at a stand off for sure.

As you see in the upcoming previews this is really just the beginning of a lot of intense moments to come. It's Hunger Games meets the Valley of the Dolls. So, hold on tight because it's going to be a very bumpy ride in Beverly Hills and Dubai from here on out."

What do you think about Lisa’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo