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Kathryn Edwards: “Lisa Rinna Didn't Implicate Lisa Vanderpump Or Kyle In Any Way, BUT Erika Did”

Kathryn Edwards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathryn questions Erika's intentions after seeing her lie about her involvement in the Yolanda drama. Kathryn writes:

"Hello Everybody,

Another week, and it seems like things are getting a little colorful--and I mean that in quite a few ways.

First we get to see the ladies go for a "Cryo" treatment. This is quite a popular thing to do in Los Angeles now. I know, I know...what the heck is next? I haven't tried it yet, but I know a lot of people who have, and everyone says great things. I'm game!

The lunch after the cryo freezing...that was awkward for me to watch, especially after knowing what I know now. Lisa Rinna told Yolanda that Kyle and Lisa VDP "lightly" discussed the kids...she didn't say any more than that.

Lisa Rinna didn't implicate Lisa VDP or Kyle in any way, BUT Erika did. Why? What was the point of starting trouble like that in the group? I can totally understand Yolanda being upset if she believes that Lisa VDP and Kyle were speaking about her kids, but I don't think it was malicious at all. Lisa VDP said that Yolanda's ex-husband told her the kids are healthy. Maybe Mohammed doesn't want to share that with anyone...who knows...but it wasn't Lisa VDP or Kyle calling anyone a liar or discrediting someone's illness.

Erika has a lot to say about us behind our backs...why wouldn't she say anything to my face when I said I didn't like the word "c---" at the Moulin Rouge party? Why not take the time to tell me what it means to you when we are getting to know each other? I had never heard of the word "c---y" until I saw Erika's necklace the night of her performance at Rich's. Once she explained it to us--that it was more of a adjective rather than a noun--we all kind of said OK, fair enough. It may not be a word that any of us "old ladies" choose to use, but ya never know...if the shoe fits.

It's ironic to me that she said that all of us old ladies talk about each other's husbands, kids, health, etc. I haven't said one word about any of those topics, and what I have said to anyone has been to their face, but Erika has indulged in some chatter. I don't pull punches, I'm very straight forward until I see some bullsh-- and then, please, let me call you on it.

I also had a good chuckle with the fact that Erika's necklace had to be blurred out and her language has to be bleeped. Clearly I'm not the only one that feels that word could be offensive. Final word on the "word"'s definitely lost the shock value it had on me after hearing it as much as I did. I don't care if I'm "old and narrow and conservative" for reacting to it in that fashion. There are a lot of us who feel that way.
It's not something that I hear from many people other than just took some getting used to. I think she wears it well .I'm not offended, and if I was...I'd say so.

My lunch with Eileen was so nice, I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent. As I said before, Eileen was someone I really liked right off the bat. She seems like a natural, down to earth person with a good sense of humor, my type of girl. We had a good chuckle about her dating my ex. I'm not a jealous person, and I thought it was funny.

I hate to admit this, but I don't usually use a budget when I decorate or remodel. I know what things cost for the most part, and I'm usually very close to what I say we will spend. If Donnie tells me to cut it back, I do. I don't hide purchases from him. I'm honest, and he appreciates that. As for Eileen's "janky" bag...we had an even bigger laugh at that! She was so funny, I really don't care if someone doesn't want to carry a nice's just that I don't understand it, LOL!

Eileen's handbag's became a running joke throughout this season, and Kyle was kind enough to give her a beautiful bag from her store--whew!

I wish I didn't like bags as much as I do, but I have two sisters and a niece who benefit from the ones I part with, so I don't feel so guilty. They get a ton of use. It's all about cost averaging!

I want everyone to know that I was joking when I made the comment about a "disabled parking" placard. I'm deaf in one ear but by no means do I consider myself was a joke, but I don't know if my dry sense of humor was apparent there. I can't wait for you all to see my ear doctor appointment! For anyone who suffers from hearing loss in one ear, there's something out there for us now, and I can't wait to share it with you.

San Diego! My home away from home! We were so ready for Erika's concert, wild horses couldn't have kept us away. When we got to Rich's and entered the building...dang! All I saw were bare asses and leather straps. OK, giddup cowboy...let's get this show on the road. I have to say, I don't go to a lot of gay nightclubs.I don't get a lot of invitations for them, but make no mistake about it, they let it go, and it was a fun time! I'd definitely go back to Rich's. I met a lot of great people there, and Erika's performance was fabulous. She looked every bit of the goddess I expected and then some.

When we finally sat down for a cocktail after the concert, it didn't take long for the question to come up as to who spread the lie to Yolanda. Clearly, a lot of sh-- has started, and if everyone is honest and owns their share in it, we should be able to move on and put it past us...that wasn't the case. I was really surprised to see Erika blatantly lying about it...why? Why not just own it and move on? She has to know it's going to come out sooner or later. I usually think I get a good read on people, and I wouldn't have pegged Erika for being this way. It makes me question whether she has any intention of being friends with us...we'll see. I hope I'm wrong with what I saw tonight.

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All the best, until next time.


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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo