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Kathryn Edwards: “I Didn't Like To Hear Lisa Rinna Speak So Ill Of Kim In Her Interview”

Kathryn Edwards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathryn opens up about her father's suicide. Kathryn also explains why she's disappointed in Lisa Rinna. Erika writes:

"Hello Everyone,

This is a tough blog for me to write, because I'm still feeling great loss from my nephew's passing three weeks ago. I would have never thought I'd be talking about another family member in the same vain, but that's my reality.

No one wants to talk about the subject of addiction--be it alcohol, drugs, sex, food, gambling etc...but it's a reality in most people's lives. We all know someone who has a loved one--or themselves--who battled addiction.

We tend to hide it as a society, protecting those we love from public scrutiny and judgement. No one benefits from that...addiction is an illness and should be treated as such.

So, here's a little bit of my story...I share this because I want you to know who I am, if you care to know.
My father was an alcoholic and drug addict. He wasn't the everyday drinker...he was a binger. He self-medicated with those things because ultimately what was wrong with him was depression and manic behavior. He went through Hazelden, a great treatment center, twice--but it didn't save him. He died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in January 1978.

It forever changed my family. My siblings and I are who we are because of what we endured as children and the loss of our dad. I became a survivor. I made it my job to take care of everyone in my family, to be the strong one, to make a better life and honor the promises I made to my father when I was kid developing into a young lady.

Maybe I hang on words too much and give my two cents when it isn't solicited, but when it comes to certain things, I can't help it. I get protective, and even though I don't know Kim Richards, I felt like I had to stand up for her in what was a dark time in her life. Who would choose to carry the weight of addiction?

All of the ladies were so sensitive to me after hearing my history. I was so thankful for Erika's kind words at the table and hearing what she said in her interview, Lisa Rinna sharing the loss of her sister, Eileen feeling my sorrow...all of them. Thank you.

I didn't like to hear Lisa Rinna speak so ill of Kim in her interview. That takes away the meaning from what we all just shared with each other. If there are other issues Kim and Lisa R. have, that's one thing, but please leave the words spoken from sickness out of the equation...they serve no one.

I'll close this topic by saying if you can help someone or feel someone is in trouble and needs professional help for addiction, speak up, you'll never regret it.

That was a tough brunch, but we all connected on personal issues and got to know each other better.
I have all the confidence in the world that I can get them back down to San Diego again.

I loved watching the dinner with Lisa and Ken and Erika and Tom...I feel vindicated! I'm not the only one who was offended by the "C" word. LOL! Up until this point, I haven't met Erika Girardi, I've only hung out with Erika Jayne, and I, like Lisa VDP, think I'm more in line with Erika Girardi.

Mr. Girardi is adorable, he is sparkly and sweet, and I can see how Erika reveres him. I'll have to ask Donnie to send me to my room sometime when I'm misbehaving...problem is that I might misbehave more than I already do. Wink, wink.

Erika Jayne's BBQ:
Well I was having a lot of fun watching all those handsome fellas in their swim trunks. Why not? It was a gorgeous day in Pasadena until the Munchausen word was brought up.

I'm watching the dynamics of this all unfold right now, too...trying to understand all of the different views and opinions. Buckle up, it only gets more interesting.

Until next week, thanks for watching and please follow me on Instagram and Twitter.



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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo