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Karen Gravano And Natalie Guercio Make Amends To Honor Big Ang!

After years of feuding, it looks like Mob Wives stars Karen Gravano and Natalie Guercio were finally able to put their differences aside after the death of their mutual friend, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola.

The two former enemies gathered together on Monday night along with other Mob Wives stars at the Raiola’s former Staten Island bar The Drunken Monkey (now called the Funky Monkey) following the funeral and burial services earlier that day.

“We all went and celebrated Ang’s life at the Funky Monkey last night,” Gravano told Radar Online. “Carla Facciolo, Jennifer Graziano [the creator and executive producer of Mob Wives], Natalie Guercio, and a bunch of Ang’s friends were all there.”

At the bar, Gravano, 43, and Guercio, 33, were finally able to put the past behind them.

“Her and I put our differences aside,” Gravano said. “We both laughed and cried. Ang’s favorite saying was ‘Get over it,’ and we got over it because we did it in her honor.”

According to Gravano, it was Ang’s passing that helped her be able to settle the drama with Guercio.

“When you lose someone close to you, whose heart was filled with so much love, it puts everything into perceptive,” Gravano explained. “Natalie and I, we both felt that way.”

“It wasn’t about Mob Wives,” she said. “It was all about we were hurting, and the last thing that Ang wanted was any conflict.”

“We all drank and shared our moments,” she admitted. “We laughed and cried, and we dropped the drama because it wasn’t important.”

She added, “We kept thinking: ‘Get over it,’ and we did.”

Photo Credit: VH1