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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Heather Marianna!

I recently had the opportunity to interview Heather Marianna from Bravo's upcoming reality series, Tour Group! Heather spills the tea to us exclusively about her experience on Tour Group, reality television, her organic beauty business, Beauty Kitchen. She also shares with us some great beauty tips and much more! Read our Exclusive Interview with Heather Marianna below!

How were you approached to be part of Bravo's “Tour Group”?
Once I heard about the opportunity to travel the world, I was hooked! It was hard to leave work and my life here in Vegas for six weeks, but it was the chance of a lifetime and I couldn’t let it get away. I was very excited to be a part of the Bravo family.

Did you have any hesitation being part of a reality show?
Absolutely not. I know people are going to either love me or hate me, there's no in between. I don't pay attention to negativity or participate in it. I stay in my own lane and work hard.

What makes the “Tour Group” different from other reality shows?
This is unlike anything else out there, and the first of its kind – getting to witness real people drop everything and leave home to experience the craziest places all while getting to know each other – you’ll feel like you’re on the trip with us! I know the viewers are going to love seeing all of the exotic voyages we experienced in each of the countries but it's also quite interesting how being thrown into extreme travel adventures complete with long flights and people that you don't know. Some of us found great friendships and some of us will have to wait and see it for yourself. Things definitely got crazy!

What can viewers expect from your journey on the show?
I was very fish out water. I don't like planned activities and and I don't like being told what to do. Being on a trip I didn't plan was difficult. I'm a total micro managing boss lady and it was not easy for me to let's say be on time a lot. (laughs).

Most of us who have known you on Twitter know that you are not shy when it comes to sharing you opinion about some reality shows. Have you mentally prepared yourself on how to deal with the backlash, the haters, and negative comments? 
Not really because I'm not worried about them.  There is a block button and I honestly don't care what anyone says about me.  I'm in a really happy place right now so it's all good!  I'll send any haters some of my Beauty Kitchen sage spray so they can decongest their selves. Girl bye!

According to your Bravo bio, they describe you as the runaway bride. They also mention that you've been engaged 13 times? Can you spill the tea and tell us why?
I am a commitment-phobe. I am extremely work driven and I don't think that if I were to get married I would be happy with one person for the rest of my life. I enjoy the commitment in the beginning but then I get extremely bored real easy. I have a ton of respect for people who have been married for years and I think that's amazing but I don't know if that is for me.

Why are you afraid of commitment?
I am extremely afraid of commitment… I have had some really bad experiences and often felt people were with me for the wrong reasons. I don't want that anymore.

Can we expect some shady drama on this show? 
The shade was real!!! And I'm not talking about staying out of the sun! There were a ton of interesting personalities on the show to say the least.

How does it feel transitioning from being a fan of Bravo shows to ending up in one?
I don't feel any different right now. I know a lot of the Bravo reality stars through my Beauty Kitchen business. A lot of the different Real Housewives use my brand so I always got to hear the behind the scenes tea. Now I have my own. Haha.

In 2012 you funded your business "Beauty Kitchen" can you tell us what motivated you to do this amazing beauty brand?  
I moved to Vegas for a corporate job and then I quit. Finding myself extremely bored I dug deep within myself to see what I really wanted to do. I enrolled with Marki Costello in Los Angeles for on-camera training and got myself an apartment in Los Angeles, traveling back and forth every week to attend until I started my YouTube channel. The product line was a natural progression. I'm still working on growing it more more every single day it's my passion and I love it.

I noticed that your products are economically friendly, very good prices, was that the plan all along? Absolutely. I wanted to create an affordable luxury brand. I offer two monthly beauty box options, a VIP box filled to the brim with full size products for only $34.95 a month and a mini box with travel size products priced at only $12.95 a month. People love getting new products every month.  If I can't commit to marriage, why would I commit to just one specific type of beauty product?  The beauty boxes are a fun way for people to experience all different products.  They're a true reflection of me!  Most importantly, they don't break the bank!

Christina Millian enjoying some
Beauty Kitchen

Can you give us some beauty tips what we can do at home? 
Geranium essential oil is natures Botox. Get an Ingestible (not all of them are) and add to water and it will definitely help your skin glow and reduce wrinkles. I also like to use coffee to rinse my hair it really pumps it up. I add lavender essential oil to it and it smells amazing! Yum!

Your products have been received by rave reviews from many high profile celebrities, how does it feel being respected and recognized as a business owner and as a successful business woman? 
I appreciate it. I've been a business owner since I was in college and I really respect people who are in business by following their dreams. I have worked very hard and I take pride in every single product we be put out at the factory I own in Las Vegas. We are cruelty free and we use no harsh chemicals everything is extremely fresh. It's always so flattering when I jump on social media and see different celebrities posting my products because they genuinely love them and want to clue their fans in on their biggest beauty must haves! I'm blessed.

If you can give any upcoming entrepreneur advice, what would it be?
Work like you're broke and you will never be poor is my motto. Stay strong and don't let any negativity get to you. Always help others along the way and accept and ask for help when needed. I take time daily to respond to friends or blind emails I get on my website for advice on beauty or starting a business. You don't have to have a lot of money to start a business, you must have a lot of drive. When I started in my kitchen I always thought I would end up owning an entire factory with plans of expanding the space and it all happened. I also believe in the universe and putting out there what you want it has always worked for me.

Dascha Polanco from OITNB enjoying Beauty Kitchen

As you can see, we are a Real Housewives fansite, which city do you identity with the most?
I love them all but I am more so a fan of some of the stand out castmates whose personalities you can't help but fall in love with! I love how Brandi Glanville is an absolutely no f*cks given type of girl being that I am very much the same way. I also love me some Lisa Vanderpump!

Who are some of your all-time favorite Real Housewives stars and why?
My favorite housewives cast of all time is Atlanta. They give me life! I crack up so hard. I wish Kim was back on sometimes! Her shoes were great too!

What would your Real Housewives tagline be?
LOL I don't know, how about eating beauty kitchen won't make you pretty on the inside but it also won't poison you. Lol just kidding I have absolutely no idea. It would probably be something snarky. I am extremely straight to the point and blunt.

Grace Gealey from Empire loving
her Beauty Kitchen

What are some of your favorite Reality shows? 
Shark Tank is one of my all-time favorites!  I love how feisty the millionaires gets with the entrepreneurs and love watching people get the chance of a life time to expand their business.

What is the thing you look forward to most about being part of the “Tour Group?” 
Showing everyone that not only am I a boss bitch but I have a really big heart.

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works? 
Yes I am shooting some really cool things for Beauty Kitchen and working on some other top secret things.  This is just the beginning for me and Beauty Kitchen!

Beauty Kitchen Show Room

Anything you would like to add to this interview? 
Tune in to "Tour Group" on Bravo every week!  The 30 minute sneak peek airs on Monday, Feb. 8, at 10:30 pm with the show premiering on Tuesday, March 1, at 10 pm! Make sure to tag me on social media each week because I'm going to give away a ton of Beauty Kitchen products to people watching the show with hash tag #teamheather #bravotourgroup.

What would you like to say to your fans and supports?
Thank you for all the Beauty Kitchen love and don't ever give up on your dreams if I can make mine come true so can you! Work hard and focus on you always!

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Bravo's Tour Group premieres on Tuesday, March 1 at 10pm/9c and catch a sneak peek of the new series when a special half-hour preview airs on Monday, February 8 at 10:30pm/9:30c only on Bravo!

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