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Gizelle Bryant: “Ashley Knew She Was Wrong And That Her Career As Gossip Girl Was Short Lived And Outdated”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Gizelle Bryant talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant discusses her relationship Jamal and reveals how she really feels about Ashley Darby. Check it out below! Tell us about keeping Jamal in your family despite your past – and what are the challenges that come with staying close with your ex? 

Gizelle Bryant: My girls absolutely love spending time and doing fun things with both their parents.  Jamal and I love our kids and want to see them happy so anytime we get together it is nothing but fun and laughs.  As a divorced parent my responsibility is to make the best situation possible for my kids and anything less is just selfish. Do you think Ashley crossed the line when you found out she Googled your name along with the other Housewives?

GB: What are we going to do with Little Miss Ashley?!?! She got us all drunk with 120 proof whiskey which was a good thing because it allowed us all to hug and have a Steel Magnolias moment. However, sometimes people don't know when they got a good thing going. Ashley, we like you...digging up dirt isn't a way for us to continue to like you. You can't Google people then go to the sandbox and tell everybody what you read while throwing sand in everybody's face with a smile. That's called messy pants, or curiosity killed the cat, or just childish. Oh, that's right I am talking about Ashley the 14-year-old. I'm happy that I was there when Robyn confronted Ashley. Robyn is a sweetie pie but you do not want to cross her. She will rip your head off, smash it into the toilet and flush it over and over again. Trust me...don't make Robyn mad! Ashley knew she was wrong and that her career as gossip girl was short lived and outdated. Glad the ladies handled it quickly so Ashley can go back to minding Crocodile Dundee's business. Tell us about Ashley’s party - What were you thinking being there for Robyn’s confrontation with Ashley and what are your thoughts Katie’s PDA? 

GB: Andrew and Katie's horrible display of 50 Shades of Gray was rude and inappropriate...emoji face with the big eyes. Why come to a party if you have no intentions on talking or acknowledging anyone else around you. Seeing them make out like 17-years-olds underneath the bleachers at a football game I thought was a joke. When I realized they were serious was when I realized they need Karen's etiquette book page 311...when socializing with a group, keep your legs closed and your tongue in your mouth.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo