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Chyka Keebaugh: “Lydia Has Caused A Huge Problem Between Gamble And Pettifleur”

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on the season three premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh explains why is was emotional to watch the scene with her daughter Chessie. Chyka also dishes on her friendship with newbie Susie McLean and weighs in on Pettifleur and Gamble's feud. Chyka writes:

"The wait is over, and it’s finally here! Last night was the first episode of season 3, and it certainly went off with a bang!

We meet the new girl Susie McLean, who has been a friend of mine for about 20 years. Susie and I met through her ex-husband who is a friend of Bruce’s, we are still very close and share the same friendship group outside of the show. I think Susie is a great addition as she is also friends with Gina, Lydia and Janet, so it was a little easier for her than perhaps PF and Gamble last year. It also really feels like she has been in the group the whole way through.

I am an avid book reader – yes I am a dag – but I thought this was a fun thing to invite Jackie and Janet to my book club and introduce Susie. I also have two other girlfriends – Hanne and Felicity, who are also friends of Susie, the more, the merrier. I knew she was nervous about meeting Jackie – I think she thought Jackie was going to come out and tell her all these things from her past, and it was freaking her out! As soon as Susie sits down and starts chatting, I can see her relax. She talks about her relationships with some of the other girls and early on we can sense that there is going to be a problem with Lydia. I don’t believe in getting involved in things that have history and Susie’s relationship with her is a very old one. In conversations of this nature, I am going to listen to what she has to say and form my own opinion as things unfold. It’s not about me, and I have a relationship with both the girls. Although I am sure my facial expressions conveyed my feelings! We had a fun day, and I felt that the four of us were going to be very close.

Watching the scene with Chessie talking about scratching Bruces car was emotional for me to watch. We had been away, and Chessie had finally got her licence. She decided to take Bruces car for a drive and only told us when we confronted her about it, saying that she had just been up to the supermarket and back. Unfortunately for her, the car had just been serviced, and we knew the odometer reading, so we knew she had driven 78km. Hello …. I do not like being lied to and the fact that Chessie didn’t know she had scratched the car meant the music was too loud! Shooting that scene was Chessie’s punishment because it was not about damaging the car but about her lying to us. Something no one likes to be confronted about. I think we are pretty relaxed and easy going parents but just make sure you always tell the truth.

Chessie was genuinely upset and as she was getting more and more upset it was heartbreaking! I can’t say I haven’t done what she did but she was lying to our face and that is something that I can’t  shrug off! Let’s say that Chessie has never done that again and I believe now that she understands how wrong it was for her to have lied. This being a parent job can be tough!

Watching Lydia and Pettifleur catch up over coffee was very interesting! PF is very vocal with her opinion on Gamble and shares (what I believe) are her private thoughts with Lydia. I am a believer in girlfriends having the right to chat about whatever topics they like without it being repeated. Lydia obviously is of a different opinion… Calling Gamble a ‘black widow’ was unnecessary and rude, and I wasn’t sure where that conversation was going but was very surprised that Lydia then decided to tell Gamble. Ahh hello – why did she do that?? I don’t think Gamble needed to be told by Lydia, and I felt that Lydia wasn’t being such a good friend to PF. She threw her under the bus!! Mediator or trouble maker?

Bake day arrives at Susie’s home, and this was our first group get together with all the girls in one place. I was looking forward to us all catching up as I had been away for eight weeks and hadn’t seen anyone since I had been home. Susie had everything looking beautiful and had all the ingredients ready to go! No secret that I like to cook, so I was right in there having a ball.

The girls all started to arrive, and it was evident as soon as Lydia came that things weren’t great between her and Janet. I had no idea what this was all about and quickly learnt that they had had a Twitter war! God love Janet – she had just started on Twitter and already got into trouble! The name calling begins and before long a fight had moved to another room of the house. I felt so sorry for Susie as she was so excited to be baking with us all and that just didn’t go to plan although I have to say – Gina and I enjoyed the scones while world war three was on! Shane Warnes name is brought up which is no surprise as Janet had already talked about him to us at book club. It certainly won’t be the last you hear of his name, but it’s a lively conversation that brings out a lot of emotion and name calling. This is going to be interesting, day 1 and there are huge cracks showing already.

Lydia has caused a huge problem between Gamble and Pettifleur. Lydia and Janet are fighting over Twitter and Shane, and Gina and I are eating our way through the food! I don’t know about you but when the episode finished I wanted more!! And I know what happens!!"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

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