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Are Janet Roach And Manuela Pless-Bennett Still Friends?

During the second season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Janet Roach introduced us to her longtime friend Manuela Pless-Bennett, in which the two clashed with then newbie Gamble Breaux. Now, while promoting the third season of the Foxtel hit reality series, the ladies were questioned if Manuela was going to make any appearances as she did in the previous season.

"No, we’re not having any horses and donkeys on the show," Gamble Breaux told

Then, Janet makes a surprising revelation and reveals that she is no longer friends with Pless-Bennett.

"That horse has BOLTED. She’s no longer in the stable," says Janet.

Breaux breaks down the reason why Roach and Pless-Bennett are no longer friends and why she came for her at the RHOMelbourne reunion.

"OK, I’ve got a scoop! Manuela’s husband phoned me before the reunion when Manuela came and he told me he had lots of dirt on Manuela. I said no, I wanted some dirt on Janet, because we were fighting," said Gamble. "He said, ‘Oh, Janet’s always been a nice girl’ — then told me all these mean things that Manuela had done to Janet. It’s the sisterhood of housewives — I was then mad about the thirty years Janet had wasted with this horrible woman"

When asked if Janet was now Team Gamble, Roach replied "Absolutely."

When asked if she was no longer friends with Manuela, Janet had a lot to say.

"Who?" said Janet. "I just don’t like her, so I went out with her boyfriend to get her back. Nobody is missing Manuela on this show, just sayin’. You know when I said, ‘I’m only friends with her because I’m too scared to be enemies with her?’ She CRACKED it when I said that, but it’s true."

Janet reveals that Manuela was not happy that Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger took the spots as the new housewives.

"She wanted to be one of you," Roach tells Breaux and Berenger. "She thought she had it in the bag."

As we reported last year, Manuela as well as RHOMelbourne friend Lisa Tonkin were in the running to be one of the new main housewives during Season 2, however Gamble and Pettifleur made it to the show and took the spots as the newest cast members. Manuela and Lisa made cameo appearances throughout the second as "friend of the housewives."

Manuela and Gamble clashed during the second series and faced off during the reunion special where Gamble slayed Manuela by telling her "your p*ssy is too dry to ride me this hard Manuela." Relieve that AMAZING moment below!

Are you surprised that Janet and Manuela are no longer friends? Sound off in the comment section below!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

Photo Credit: Foxel