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Robyn Dixon Weighs In On Gizelle Bryant And Karen Huger's Etiquette Showdown!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Robyn Dixon talks about the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Find out if Robyn and Juan are seeing other people - and hear Robyn's theories on why Karen was so bothered. Check it out below! Tell us about living at home with your ex! Are there any complications that arise? 

Robyn Dixon: Living with my ex-husband Juan may sound crazy to most but honestly for me, it works! We have such a long history - we met in high school - and genuine love for one another, that living together now just feels like we picked up where we left off when we divorced. And let's not forget about our two handsome boys! They are our hearts and we want to give them the best life possible. In my opinion, living in a two-parent household is so important for a child's development. I'd love for my boys to have the same experience I had as a child living with both of my parents.

Now I know everyone's burning question is whether we date other people. I honestly have no interest in dating right now, so for me, this is easy. As long as Juan and I are both growing as individuals and strengthening our relationship as parents, we should be able to be happy living under the same roof! At some point though, we will have to get out of this gray area and either bring on the romance or call it a day! What were you thinking when Juan caught you in your wedding dress? 

RD: That moment when Juan caught me in my wedding dress was priceless! How embarrassing! I totally was not expecting him to come home and thought it was safe to play bridal dress-up. I looked so crazy sitting there looking like Humpty Dumpty in that big dress! But honestly, I am a goofball at heart and Juan knows me well so I just had a huge laugh at myself and had fun reliving the past. What are your thoughts on Gizelle and Charrisse's friction before the crab boil? 

RD: Both Gizelle and Charrisse are my very good friends, so to see them beefing before the crab boil was very confusing and disappointing for me. This friction totally came out of left field and was completely avoidable. Yes, Gizelle and Kal were acting like a couple of 12-year-olds in Charrisse's home, but Charrisse also seemed like she was having a bad day and was not in the mood for any type of nonsense. Had Charrisse lightened up a bit and not been such a grump, the crab boil would have gotten off to a great start. What do you think about birthday-ettiquette confrontation between Gizelle and Karen? 

RD: Okay, so Karen and her birthday etiquette is the most ridiculous, pompous, and childish act I've ever seen from a grown woman. This woman has had two-hundred birthdays in her life, why is she getting all bent out of shape over birthday number 201?!? I honestly think this was an opportunity to attack Gizelle - for whatever reason - and not really about her birthday. I mean really, who really cares where they sit at their birthday celebration? She should have been happy and grateful that we all came out to celebrate her instead of worrying about another woman. I'm sensing a little jealousy here!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo