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Lisa Rinna Thanks RHOBH Fans For Educating Her On Chronic Illness!

Lisa Rinna is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna dishes on her QVC collection and why she doesn't feel bad about hotel hopping in the Hamptons. Lisa writes:

"Hi! Happy New Year everyone! I feel like 2016 is going to be amazing! Love that we start off with Kyle having closet issues and that cutie Portia has just seen it all and is sitting there drying her nails. We gals are only helpless when our nails are wet, otherwise watch out!

First, I want to say what a dream come true it is for me to have my own collection on QVC and to watch it all on this week’s episode was such a joy and a blessing. As I have mentioned before, my QVC line came from having my two Belle Gray boutiques for many years, which unfortunately didn’t make it through the recession. Then QVC comes along and is another important reminder that everything happens for a reason and to never ever give up on a dream! I am so forever grateful for this experience to design a line of comfy, cozy, California chic clothing for women of all sizes. I just love every second of the process, and to work alongside such amazing designers as Isaac Mizrahi and Dennis Basso, who along with Joan Rivers, have been my mentors in so many ways is just beyond. I am constantly learning and growing as a business woman and clothing designer. I’m honored to now be going into my 5th year with QVC and I feel so very blessed! I also love the three different pieces -- the shearling jacket, the cozy cardigan and the striped cardigan I’m wearing in this week’s episode! If you love any of them as well, you can check them out here:

Faux Suede Jacket

Open Front Sweater With Pockets

Striped Knit Duster Cardigan

Back to this week! Hotel rooms are gross. I’m sorry, but if you think of the who, what and where that TV changer has been, you would wipe that whole f***ing place down just like I do with my alcohol wipes. By the way, I also wipe my plane seat down and everything around me. You betcha OCD baby, but if that keeps the bodily fluids/germs off of me, then it's so well worth it folks!

Then I am off to the Hamptons for LVP’s Bella Magazine white party and Kyle’s pop-up store opening. I love the Hamptons! I've been for the past three summers in a row. Typically, I go for the magnificent QVC Super Saturday event which raises money for ovarian cancer research that Donna Karan started 17 years ago. Listen, I am the first to admit that I'm totally spoiled by staying at chic places when I visit, so when I am in a car driving for five hours from Pennsylvania to the Hamptons in bumper to bumper traffic on a Friday, wanting to shoot myself in the head, and I get the call from Eileen with pictures sent to me of the hotel rooms and how she and Kyle didn't sleep all night because of the rave music right outside their window, thump thump thumping ALL NIGHT LONG AND NO ROOM SERVICE with people popping molly 24/7? Um, no thank you! Asking if I want to join them at the Hamptons home that Mauricio rented?! I said, hell yes! I am so there. Mind you, at this point I am sleepless myself due to late night hours and no sleep doing my QVC gig and I am HANGRY! Enough said! Besides, I owe LVP nothing after that Ohio mini horse trip, so in my book I have a free pass forever that I’ll keep pulling out!

While we’re at the white party, LVP brings up Kyle’s sister and asks her about the most recent arrest for the theft of $600 worth of toys from Target. I basically sit in between them like a cat’s got my tongue and there’s no way I’m touching that one with a ten foot pole, because it has been made very clear that Kyle doesn’t want to be asked about her sister. Well, it would seem both sisters are off limits to talk about, which, interestingly enough, are topics that have been brought up by LVP so far this season. So, who gets to talk about these things? Who doesn’t get to talk about these things? Hmmm, I’m confused. What I do know, is it’s safe to talk about sex, the color pink and bush.

Finally, I’d like to address many messages that I have seen come in on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in these recent weeks. First of all, I want to take a moment to thank so very many of you for educating me about chronic illness. I see you. I hear you. I acknowledge each and every one of you brave souls that suffer silently within your illness. It is very important that you all know I don’t doubt any of you or your journey to better health. We have had many questions about Chronic Lyme Disease, more specifically Yolanda’s particular journey, and it has truly meant a lot that you all have reached out to enlighten and help me understand what you go through. I’m sorry you’re suffering, I send you blessings and love. May 2016 bring much healing and light into your lives.

Until next week!

All of my love,


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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo