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Kenya Moore Opens Up About Being Abandoned By Her Mom In Upcoming Memoir — Read The First 42 Pages Of ‘Invisible’ Here!

Kenya Moore reveals that she's been working on her upcoming memoir, Invisible. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a preview of the memoir's first five chapters, which details and gives a revealing look at her family dynamic, including her complicated relationship with her mother.

And the book is gripping right from its opening lines.

"She’s seizing! We have an emergency on floor six! She’s flat lining! Get the jumpers! Get the drugs—STAT! All the drugs you can find, nurse!" she writes in Chapter One. "I am groggy and it’s hazy and I have no idea where I am. I am wet, I am screaming, but no one responds. I try to move. I cannot. I feel deaf, blind and dumb. Stats?! Black female, approximate age 16, found comatose. Vitals are low, non-responsive. I feel out of my body."

Read the first 42 pages of Moore's upcoming memoir here.

Kenya further elborated about the upcoming book in a message to her fans on Instagram. "I AM NOT INVISIBLE," she wrote. "It's hard to express how I really feel sometimes so I write. I started my memoir years ago but found it difficult to complete. As a thank you for all your love and support from my difficult and often painful journey with my family I want to share the first chapters with my loyal fans and friends. Thank you for your compassion, kindness and love."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo