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James Kennedy Opens Up About His Relationship With Lala Kent And Calls Out Jax Taylor!

In a recent interview with Bravo, James Kennedy talks about last week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. James Kennedy opens up about his relationship with Lala Kent and shares his thoughts on Jax Taylor. Check it out below! What do you think of Schwartz and Sandoval's tattoos?

James Kennedy: I think it was pretty epic how after a long night the Toms went and got tattoos, especially on their asses! Pretty surprising actually, but still sentimental in a way, all around I think it was not the brightest idea but YOLO? Do you think if Lala was flirting with another guy (instead of Jax) you would be just as annoyed? Or are you annoyed because it's Jax? 

JK: I think it would have annoyed me being any guy -- I mean I guess you can say I felt a little led on by Lala, one second she was into me and the next she was over it. Bit of a confusing time, but still fun to play along with her little games. What did you think of Scheana's sleepover with the girls where they all made out?

JK: I was just upset I wasn't invited, it looked like a lot of fun. What did you think of the comedy show Ariana and Tom were in?

JK: I honestly thought they were both funny (Ariana was a bit funnier than Tom but still). I enjoyed every minute of the show and was laughing the entire time, not to mention the kiss with Lala after the show was pretty epic given Jax had a front row view. Kind of awkward if you ask me and poor Brittany, I felt bad for her given she was driving down to finally move in with the man of her dreams...Jax. When you were at the comedy club, did you go over to Lala and kiss her because you saw her talking to Jax?

JK: No, I went over to kiss Lala because she looked stunning that day and we had plans to hang out, she wasn't sitting next to Jax during the show was she? Not to mention I just think it's shady to be flirting and inviting Lala for drinks or whatever when he and everyone else know that Britt is literally in the car driving down to Cali to be with him.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo