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Charrisse Jackson Jordan Opens Up About Her Long-Distance Marriage!

During Sunday's series premiere episode of The Real Housewives Of Potomac, we learned that Charrisse Jackson Jordan was involved in a long distance-marriage, as the Bravo reality star calls Potomac, MD home, while her husband Eddie Jordan lives in New Jersey where he works as the head coach of Rutgers University’s basketball team.

The Real Housewives of Potomac star opens up about their long-distance marriage and claims that she doesn’t ever worry about what her husband is up to across the state borderline.

“No I don’t,” Jordan told OK! Magazine. “We have an open line of communication,” she said. “We talk every morning [and] do face time, [which] kind of makes you feel present.”

“My husband’s not very social,” she explained. “So his routine is very predictable. He goes to work and then he goes home. Not much in between unless he can get in a game of golf. But outside of golfing, my husband really doesn’t do a whole lot.”

But despite their constant communication, living in separate places can get trying.

“Sometimes I miss him,” Jordan admitted. “With my kids, they are in school. My son is playing basketball. He has his schedule, and his season and my husband’s season overlap, so it becomes difficult to get there as much. It’s challenging in that sense. ”

Jordan shares that she still visits with her husband as often as she can.

“I’m from New Jersey, so I’m in New Jersey a lot actually,” she said. “We had a home there in New Jersey prior to him getting this job, so we used to frequent New Jersey all the time anyway. So it’s already part of our regiment — going back and forth to New Jersey.”

“We see him as much as we can,” she continued.

Right now, Jordan has no intention of uprooting her children from their home in Potomac.

“When it comes to him being in New Jersey and myself remaining here, we have children and I uprooted my children one time, and then unfortunately the job only lasted a year and I had to uproot them again,” she said. “And they are older now and they are adapted into their environment. They love it. They’re thriving. And you want to make a decision based on the happiness and well being of our children. So, that’s why we are here.”

But after their kids graduate from high school, Jordan might consider relocating to New Jersey temporarily.

“I would probably venture to say possibly I would move once my daughter goes to college,” she said. “I would go live in New Jersey, but I would keep my home here in Potomac.”

“It would be a flip situation,” she concluded. “I would just come back and forth to Potomac… I still look at Potomac as a place of retirement for us.”

Source/Photo Credit: Radar Online, Bravo