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Brandi Glanville And Eddie Cibrian Feud Over Her LeAnn Rimes Comments; Eddie Calls Her A Liar And Brandi Fires Back!

Brandi Glanville and her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian split six years ago after he was caught having an afair with LeAnn Rimes. A few months ago, Glanville made it public that they were all in a better place however it looks like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star still has issues with Rimes. Find out why below!

"We still battle, don't get me wrong," Brandi revealed during the latest episode of the Nik Richie Podcast. "I have an issue with her posting pictures of my children on holidays. It's horrible. If my ex-husband, if their dad isn't posting pictures, why is she?"

Brandi and Eddie have two sons together: Mason, 12, and Jake, 8. LeAnn periodically posts pics of herself with Eddie, Mason, and Jake on Instagram. Most recently, she shared some festive photos taken during Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

“I just don’t understand that because holidays are so horrible for me when I don’t have my kids, and then to have the capacity to be able to go on the computer and look and see what they’re f***ing doing," Brandi said. "Get that vodka out or whatever it is. I’ll grab three bottles of Chardonnay, cry myself to sleep and look at what they’re doing on Christmas. It’s hell.”

The host of the podcast, Nik Richie, then went on to say that LeAnn is their mom now, which Brandi was not having. “You’re f***ing with the wrong person," Brandi said. "She’s not the mom.”

Nik then speculated that LeAnn might be posting the pics just to mess with Brandi. “Oh, she does 100 percent. I said it doesn’t make me mad; it hurts my feelings. It’s the holidays. I’m missing half of their life as it is. I tucked my tail and I went, 'Please, just on the holidays, don’t do it. It kills me.' And she’s like, 'It’s my family too, and I’m going to do whatever I want,'" Brandi said. "That lack of respect, maybe if she had a child herself, she would understand it a little bit more, but it’s hard. You deal with it.”

Then, Eddie Cibrian responded to Brandi's comments about his current wife LeAnn Rimes. "It upsets me," Eddie told PEOPLE in regards to Brandi's interview. "Brandi is lying," Eddie continued. "She lies for the sake of publicity and she has to bring in my wife unfortunately for it to make headlines. It isn't fair. She never asked LeAnn to not post pictures of the kids during the holidays, ever. They don't even talk!"

Eddie also defended his wife LeAnn in the matter. "It's unfair for LeAnn," Eddie told PEOPLE. "What has she done? Nothing, but love the children."

Brandi fired back at Eddie on Twitter on Thursday. "Sad that my ex has to go to the press & call me a liar when HIS LIES broke up our family he knows I [sic] cud just share our emails & be vindicated," Brandi said in a tweet that has since been deleted and is shown in the screenshot, below.

She also defended her grievance about sometimes missing out on the holidays with her children. "What mom wouldn't want HER kids full time? They have been with me since birth. Im glad they have Leann to support them cuz u cant," Brandi said in another now-deleted tweet, below.

In the end, Eddie told PEOPLE that he just doesn't want Brandi's comments about their relationship in the press to affect their children. "They're well-adjusted. But it saddens me that they can get on the Internet and get influenced by this negativity that only comes from one side. That's really disheartening," Eddie said. "[Our sons] have a mother who loves them, and a father and a stepmother who loves them. That's all that should matter."

Brandi ultimately said that she also wants to stop fighting with Eddie and move forward. "I deleted a couple tweets [sic] I really don't want to start this new year feuding with my baby daddy," Brandi wrote. "Let's stay positive (me included)."

But then Brandi released an e-mail she says she sent Eddie back in November via Real Mr. Housewife. Read it in full below:

"“My call this morning was not to fight with you but clearly anytime I need to have a conversation with you, you use it as a time to unleash any and all anger you have going on in your life on me. Eddie first know  Im not mad and these aren’t old antics and I am happy that my children have a loving stepmom so don’t think that has anything to do with this. Im not pissed Im not mad Im hurting yes I have emotions and holidays ESPECIALLY are so hard for me when Im not with my kids. I never thought I would be missing out on half of my children childhood and I never wanted that but unfortunately that is what has happened. As you are very aware I do not have family in town and when the holidays roll around and its your turn to have the kids I struggle,Im lonely for them, I cry I miss them sooooooooo much. Yes even 6 years later I will never get use to not having my baby on every holiday but those are the cards life has dealt me. It will forever be painful to send them off to your house half day on Christmas or allow you to have them on my Halloweens because I know all of their friends live in your neighborhood not mine and they will have more fun and they are the most important thing in my life. I have a RHOBH google alert on my phone and to last night see your wifes social media post of her blended family it cut like a knife. It made me realize yet another year has gone by where I have missed half of my children lives. Its hard enough not seeing them on the holidays but then for you to pour salt in my wound is just mean and unkind please don’t. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just stop the holiday family posts any other time my children step mom has my blessing to snap their picture I get it I made cute kids they are perfect and they are mine. I will forever have trust issues with men thanks to you and I will forever only see my kids grow up half the time thanks again to you but what Im asking is for you to be a better ex-husband. If there is a concert and your their first saving your parents front row seats save me one too IM  THERE MOTHER and its the nice thing to do. If I allow them to spend my Halloweens at your house because their friends all live in your neighborhood possibly invite me to trick or treat with them or Jake. You and I don’t have to be friends we don’t have to like each other but we will forever have 2 people in common and I really would like you to think about them not me but them. Im begging you to be thoughtful and kind to what I go through especially around the holidays that is it- don’t want to fight and I really do hope that one day you and your wife can experience having a baby of your own that you will have full time and never have to share. thats it B.”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo