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Ariana Madix: “I Tried To Give Scheana The Benefit Of The Doubt But I Just Couldn't”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Ariana Madix talks about this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Ariana Madix shares her thoughts and feelings on Scheana Shay's texting betrayal. Check it out below! Aside from finding out that Scheana was texting your mom, did you anticipate any other drama developing in Hawaii?

Ariana Madix: I was fully focused on having a great time that I didn't know about any other sources of potential drama. I wanted to talk to Scheana as soon as possible for the sole reason of not having to deal with anything else that could bring us down for the rest of the trip. I'm a pretty non-confrontational person, so I was already tempted to just ignore the whole thing and focus on having fun. I didn't know there was ever anything going on with Jax and Lala, so I was pretty oblivious to all of that. What was your first reaction when you found out Scheana was texting your mom and trashing Tom?

AM: I was just really disappointed and confused. Tom truly has always gone above and beyond for his friends, especially Scheana and Shay, so I couldn't understand why she would be so rude about him. She said some seriously awful things. Tom is very close with my family now but at the time she said those things, my mom could have been manipulated into thinking negatively about him. My mom lives across the country and while we do talk almost every day, she doesn't always get to see for herself what a great guy and boyfriend Tom is. She had texted Scheana about Christmas plans and had NOT reached out to her with concern for me, as Scheana had stated. Right before my mom asked if I was in a good place she told Scheana that she had sent me some money to help alleviate my holiday travel stress. Scheana took that opportunity to unload any unsavory thing she could say about Tom and ran away with it. I didn't think it was even on topic. Where do you think all these accusations that Scheana made came from?

AM: It took me a little while to figure that out because I couldn't think of any positive reason for doing so. I tried to give Scheana the benefit of the doubt but I just couldn't. She described Tom to my mom as a selfish and manipulative person. She referred to him as a "good liar" who is "good at convincing her to do what he wants". It really just went on and on and on with minimal response from my mom. She then told other people that Tom was offended at being called "cocky". It was such a deflection. Things have been great for me personally and professionally so I can't see why she would act otherwise. I also don't see how being disinterested in bulls*** makes me negative. There are things in this world that I personally find important and I'm not sorry if gossip, shopping, and day drinking just don't interest me. That doesn't make me better than anyone, it just means we are different and that's ok. I've never said I am nor have I ever felt "better" than someone I'm friends with. That doesn't make sense to me and it's really sad that someone who I thought knew me pretty well would even insinuate such a thing. Seeing Scheana like this really makes me worry for her. This isn't the person I know and love. Scheana says you've changed over the year since dating Tom, do you think your attitude has changed over the years?

AM: She calls me all sorts of horrible things when meanwhile, I'm staying focused on the good things in my life and dropping the negative, all while trying to have a positive outlook on a friendship with her. It seems so backwards to me. In the years since becoming close with Scheana I've lost a parent, gotten out of an abusive relationship, dealt with a person who dedicated a year of their life to ruining mine, become financially stable, made progress professionally, fallen in love with someone who respects and supports me, and traveled the world with him. I would HOPE that I wouldn't be the same person after all of that. I've grown and I've evolved and I love the person I am now. I'm in love with a man who encourages me to tell people how I feel and that is a great feeling. Scheana also revealed that she doesn't think you’re her best friend anymore and thinks that Katie is. Are you surprised at how close they've gotten?

AM: I'm not surprised, nor am I offended. Friendship isn't a competition and they are both people that I care deeply about. Were you bothered by Faith and Lala taking their tops off during your hike?

AM: No. They were under the water and not very close to us. They went off on their own and most of us didn't even notice. Guys walk around with their shirts off all of the time, so what is the big deal with shirtless women? If you think they are doing it for attention, then why bring attention to it? I can recall a lot of nudity in this group over the last few years so I don't know why this would be different. Anyone else is entitled to feel differently, but that's just me. To each their own.

Actually, I take it back. I was offended that day. Those neon banana hammocks were offensive to my eyes and my soul!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo