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Tom Schwartz Dishes On His Failed Business Plan For LVP Sangria: “Having Lisa Present Definitely Shook Me Up A Little”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Tom Schwartz talks about this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Tom Schwartz opens up about his failed business plan for LVP sangria. Check it out below! Were you nervous walking into your business meeting with Lisa, Pandora, and Jason?

Tom Schwartz: I was overconfident, underprepared. The stakes didn't feel especially high because I was still working. Believe it or not I do work. Well, sometimes haha. I actually worked for a beverage distributor in north Florida for three years after college. It's a solid gig with good fringe benefits. I got out before I really learned the business, but just wanted the record to show, I AM employable. Having Lisa present definitely shook me up a little. She knocks the cool out of me. Like when you see a man dripping with swagger encounter a bee flying by his ear, all that swagger is drained instantaneously. I went in too vague. Vaguely Ambitious will be the name of my memoir some day that I won't write. Do you wish you would have prepared more for the meeting?

TS: Yes, I should have polished my act more. Always better to be overdressed, over prepared, ey?

In regards to the interview, I wanted to set the bar very low so that everything that we participated in from that point on could only look better. What made you want to back out and not fully commit to your business plan?

TS: I think I've said this before, maybe in the after show, but the moment I vocalized my intentions to try and collaborate with LVP sangria, a little tiny seed of doubt planted. It was very small and I didn't water it, but it continued to grow as the possibility of really working for them came to fruition. I have so much respect for what they have done with that brand and I didn't want to move forward without being in 100%. In your perfect world what would being a “brand ambassador” for Lisa’s sangria look like?

TS: In a perfect world, I would do events with LVP on the weekends. Helping set up and run the events. People would laugh and rave about what a great product it is and put in massive orders taking it to the #1 spot in its category. Jay-Z would drop lines about LVP sangria on his new album, "ca-Ching ca-Ching it's an onomatopoeia, sitting on my stacks sipping LVP sangria." What do you think of James spitting on Kristen's door?

TS: Well s***. Trashy move. Dude was seething. A bad look for sure. Figure he regretted that. Sometimes we all do stupid s*** in the heat of the moment. What do you think of Jax telling Brittany he wants her to stay with him after telling everyone that she wasn't going to move in with him?

TS: That's vintage Jax. Zero to let's have babies REAL quick. We all knew he was just saving face. Looks like he made the right decision though.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo