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Scheana Marie Opens Up About Husband Mike Shay's Drug Addiction!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Scheana Marie Shay talks about this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Scheana Marie Shay opens up about Shay's addiction and supporting her husband through this difficult time. Check it out below! In this episode Jax says he has milk that has a longer shelf life than your relationship with Shay, how did it feel to hear him say that?

Scheana Shay: He got several angry texts from me when I saw that. I feel like it was one of those things he says to get attention and it completely backfires. Jax loves me and Shay and would never truly mean that I'd hope. He's since apologized. We see you being really supportive of Shay and trying everything in your power to get him back in the right track, including bringing Sandoval over to teach you guys how to eat healthier, drug tests, and even giving him the ultimatum of choosing pills or your marriage. How does it feel to have Shay struggling like this? Do you feel like your support is helping turn his life around?

SS: Seeing Shay go through this struggle really killed me. I'm the type of person who always wants everything to be happy and perfect and when it's not, I don't know what to do. I try and always stay positive and look to the future and I think those are some of the things that helped Shay get back on track. I never meant to come off in a way that looked like I was encouraging bad behavior from him (i.e. get buzzed, smoke weed). I was A: trying to make light of a very heavy situation while staying positive and B: I don't want to be Shay's mother. I'm his wife. I don't want to tell him what he can and can't do. Shay had a problem with pills. He addressed that and has been clean of them for almost a year now. There was a time in the summer when I worried he may relapse, but it didn't happen! I am glad we had that scare though because it's forced us to deal with things that were swept under the rug and I think I'm an even better wife now because of it. Shay's voice needed to be heard more and I needed to listen. He's since cut back on drinking quite a bit, but hasn't stopped completely. If he ever chooses to, he will continue to have my full support. We are married now. It's not the same as when we first started dating and were super into going out and drinking. I'm over that. Although I may have said I couldn't "date" someone who is completely sober, I wasn't referring to my current marriage to Shay. That is completely different. Initially, when I was single in my early 20s, I may not have gotten in a relationship and dated someone who was sober because that wasn't my lifestyle. Nothing wrong with it at all, just wasn't a fit for me. Things change. People grow. I would 100% support that decision and go sober myself to stand by Shay if that's what he chooses! You tell Lisa that Shay isn't working at the moment, do you think this will put strain on your marriage? 

SS: It's not that he wasn't working, it was just not as much. It did cause some strain in our marriage because he wasn't completely happy with himself. He started real estate classes around that time and was working on music as well as DJing on the side. I felt like Lisa wanted to know he had an amazing career lined up and the truth is, none of us do yet, so why is Shay taking all of the heat? Jax invited Kristen to join the rest of you guys out for drinks, knowing that James was bringing Lala too. Do you think Jax just wanted to stir up trouble? What was it like witnessing the night unfold?

SS: Jax and I had talked about it earlier that day. I thought it was a great idea to have Kristen come and call James out when he least expected it. The night definitely ended differently than I ever would've expected. I was thinking it would be a Kristen and Stassi 2.0 situation and it was the complete opposite. You defend Lala after James calls her a "basic bitch" -- was it surprising to hear James say that about her and were you surprised at yourself for defending her?

SS: It actually wasn't surprising at all to hear James say that because I've heard him say a lot worse to Kristen. I was happy to have Lala's back. She didn't deserve to be treated that way by him.

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