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RHOMelbourne Star Gamble Breaux Throws Lavish $20K Wedding Ceremony For Two Household Pets — Find Out Why!

Go big or go home, or in Gamble Breaux's case, go over the top - all in the name of love... and charity. This past weekend, Real Housewives Of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux hosted a lavish wedding for a cat and dog, find out why  below.

The wedding ceremony was held in support of Monika's Doggie Rescue and is estimated to have cost $20,000.

The event took place at Sydney's historic Cadman's Cottage, while the festivities were held at the Billich Gallery, an institution owned by Gamble's close friend Christa Billich.

Christa also played proud owner to the lucky groom, a cat named Charlie, who attended the occasion in a custom made designer tuxedo.

The bride, a Pomeranian named Bentley, belonged to Gamble's friend Amana Hart, who dressed her beloved doggie in a couture gown embellished with beads and rhinestones.

"They are both de-sexed and the love each-other and they’re play buddies," Gamble told Daily Mail Australia. "If you love somebody you should be able to marry them."

When asked whether any fights broke out among the inter-species crowd, Gamble added: "There were a few cat fights. Claws were out."

Gamble was surely referring to the wedding guest, surprisingly none of her Real Housewives of Melbourne co-stars made an appearance at the event.

"All the other Housewives were invited but they didn’t attend. Gina Liano is a good friend of the Billichs but I know she's been busy," Breaux added.

Source/Photo Credit: Daily Mail Australia