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Phaedra Parks On Kim Fields: “She Brings A Different Perspective That Is Refreshing”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Phaedra Parks talks about this week's explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra Parks praises Kim Fields' perspective, and dishes on her love of thongs. Check it out below! What did you think of Kim calling out instigation vs. information?
Phaedra Parks: My grandmother always said, “A new broom sweeps cleaner!” I thought Kim's observation was very intuitive. Since she is new to our circle, she brings a different perspective that is refreshing; most of us have been dealing with this adolescent style behavior for some time and we are numb to it. Kim reminds us that people usually don’t do and say a lot of things we see and hear amongst our circle, so it’s nice to have someone there who is so grounded. What inspired your revealing ensemble for the boat?
PP: Everybody knows that I love a custom thong swimsuit. So when Porsha decided to plan the trip to Miami she commissioned a custom bikini for our vacation. With all of my jobsssss and responsibilities as a newly single mom, I was extremely grateful. Porsha is very thoughtful. I loved it! Were you surprised seeing Kim break down during the trip?
PP: Surprised? No. Kim is a very sweet and sensitive lady, who loves her family to the core. She’s not used to being away from her family, and definitely not used to participating in some of the activities fancied by this group. I think she had a moment where she felt overwhelmed and had a little meltdown. All of us have gotten emotional at one time or another about something in our lives, and you just have to roll with it. I’m glad I was there to offer her support, and that she welcomed my advice.


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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo