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Pettifleur Berenger Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors: “I'm 100% Natural. I've Not Had Anything Touched On My Face”

Pettifleur Berenger is known for telling it like it is without backing down. Most recently, the 51-year-old Real Housewives of Melbourne star decided to do a Christmas/Victoria's Secret-inspired lingerie shoot to show off her new fit body and to inspire other women that they can look good at any age.

"It was a photo shoot to promote a very hot body on a 51-year-old," Berenger told The Daily Mail Australia. "I want to say 'You know what? Just because you turn 50, it doesn't mean that you have to accept a flabby ass and saggy tits'"' she added.

"My aim was to inspire women in their fifties, and women who are not in their fifties, to know that you can be like this with a lot of hard work and no surgery and no Hollywood lifestyle."

The Foxtel reality star also revealed that she chose to wear wings with her sexy Siren Doll lingerie in the shoot as a nod to the 'classy' Victoria's Secret brand.

"I think people recognize that the wings are more Victoria's Secret and not tacky," she said. "I don't want to come across as some tacky type woman because that's way not me."

Soon after Pettifleur attended the opening night of CATS The Musical in Melbourne last week, there's been speculation that she went under the knife after, despite the speculation, the property developer insists she's all natural revealing that her new look is all based due to a lifestyle change by losing weight, a healthy diet and staying fit thanks to her trainer and also due to her makeup artist.

"Let's be honest here, there's not a lot of 51-year-olds that look like me unless they are from Hollywood with surgery out of control," said Berenger. "I'm 100% natural. I've not had anything touched on my face, contrary to what people are talking about."

"I've always been very blessed with my features. I've got super high cheekbones, I've got full lips, I've got big eyes and a small face. Hello, you can't ask for a lot more than that!" she added.

"When you put on weight, in my case I put on weight on my face, so my features get distorted by fat around my cheeks and my chin." She continued: "Last year when you saw me on Housewives I was three-and-a-half kilos heavier, and because I have such an itsy-bitsy tiny frame, three-and-a-half kilos on me is like ten kilos on someone else."

Pettifleur Berenger then and now (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

"If you can find me a surgeon that has touched me I will not only make him go into retirement, I will give you a million dollars too!"

When asked if she was the only natural Housewife, Pettifleur responded: "100% honey! 100% natural in every way. My body and my face match each other. I don't look like those women who have their face pulled up and their bodies all saggy. My face and my body matches," said Berenger.

"Last year I was three-and-a-half kilos heavier. I could've stayed like that because I was still slim, but I wasn't the best I could be. Now my legs are toned, my arms are toned, everything's working to perfection!," she added.

Berenger took to her Facebook page to comment on the accusations of going under the knife and thanked her makeup artist. "Thanks for the compliment and compliments to my makeup artist too," she wrote.

Thanks for the compliment and compliments to my makeup artist too.
Posted by Pettifleur Berenger - Real Housewives of Melbourne on Saturday, December 26, 2015

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Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail Australia, Foxtel