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New ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Season 7 Salaries Revealed!

Teresa Giudice is just days away from being released from prison, which means that The Real Housewives of New Jersey will begin filming its new season. That being said, the cast is expected to bring it the drama department or else they will get a pay cut.

According to NY Daily News, producers will now only pay cast members for episodes they appear in. Sources say the idea is to encourage the ladies to make ratings-grabbing TV, rather than coast and cash their paychecks.

The site claims that Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice will each be paid $50,000 per episode — if they make it in that week.

It's unclear how much Jacqueline Laurita will get, but sources claim that it is likely to be less due to appearing in a recurring role last season.

As for the newest rumored housewives, Siggy Flicker and lesbian couple Robyn Levy and Christina Flores, they are expected to stay on a salary, somewhere around the $50,000 mark for the whole season.

"The problem is you could sign a contract for an $800,000 salary and then sit back and do nothing," said a source, "This way, you really have to bring it."

"Across all the ("Housewives") series there are people who are more committed and people who are less committed," said another insider, "People sign up to do it and then lose their enthusiasm."

The new system doesn't necessarily mean a pay cut for the combustible cast. Since the previous six seasons have had an average of 19, a Housewife deemed worthy of screen time in each episode could bag a nearly $1 million at the end of the season - that would come close to the salaries of highest-paid Housewives across the whole franchise, like Nene Leakes or Bethenny Frankel, reports NY Daily News.

Some of the "Real Housewives of New York" cast members moved to a per-episode pay plan last season and insiders say the same carrot-and-stick approach may add some zing to other series, like Atlanta and Beverly Hills - so we may see the plan rolled out to other shows when contracts are next negotiated.

Photo Credit: Bravo