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Lisa Rinna Weighs In On Yolanda Foster's Marital Issues: “None Of Us Knew About Any Of The Divorce, Any Of The Issues With David”

Earlier this month, Yolanda Foster and David Foster surprised everyone when they announced they'd be divorcing after four years of marriage. However, no one was more shocked than Yolanda's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, in particular Lisa Rinna.

"It's a very difficult situation that we did not know about. None of us knew about any of the divorce, any of the issues with David," Lisa Rinna told The Daily Dish. "None of that was shared with us, I can tell you that."

Lisa says she has since reached out to Yolanda, and adds that watching this current season of RHOBH feels different given the split.

"That is a piece of the puzzle now that I think is really interesting. Now that we have that piece watching the show unfold, I think the audience, and I think all of us, watch it now through different eyes because a marriage just doesn't end overnight. So clearly this marriage was unraveling for the last year — it had to have been. So for that to be kept completely away and secret from us, 100 percent, I think, is really interesting."

Lisa shares that the two women did have heart-to-hearts, but Yolanda never confided her marital woes to her.

"I had a few really in-depth, deep conversations with Yolanda, and so I find that really interesting to keep that private when you're doing a reality show," she said. "For me, to share your illness and to share all of that is one thing, but to keep this part separate, I'm trying to understand and put those pieces together since this is only my second season. And I go, 'OK you're sharing all of this, but you're keeping all of this silent and private how does that work?'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo