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Kyle Richards: “Watching Lisa Rinna Speak Against My Sister Kim In Her Interview Upset Me”

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards explains her decision to go to Nicky Hilton's wedding and why talking about Kim made her uncomfortable. Kyle writes:

"Italy was so beautiful, and Mauricio and I really enjoyed our time there with the kids, Lisa, and Ken. Lisa and I always laugh together, and as they say, "Laughter is the best medicine.”

I’m sure it’s confusing to some of you as to why I attended the wedding without my husband and two kids. I love Nicky so much, and the idea of not witnessing her walk down the aisle was weighing heavily on me. My husband is the one who pushed me to go. He kept telling me that I will never get that moment back. He said that all families go through tough times but they WILL be resolved, and if I didn’t go we would all look back with regret.

It was not an easy decision to say the least. But with the urging and support of my girls and Mauricio, I went.

Lisa Rinna and her girls negotiating their curfew times was funny. I love "11:10.” I mean a little extra 10 minutes squeezed in there? Too funny. My girls also say to me “my friends don’t have curfews," and I always say the same thing that Lisa said: “I’m not their Mom and I don’t care. Maybe I love you more.” Haha!

Raising teens is a challenge--that's for sure. They are always pushing boundaries, and I often struggle between wanting to be the fun parent and implementing rules that I think are really important and will keep them safe.

Watching Eileen try to talk to her family and be completely ignored made me laugh out loud. I guess that is a universal problem. Selective hearing. No, Eileen , it’s not just a guy thing. Yes, Mauricio does that, but so do my girls!

Back in Beverly Hills you are introduced to Erika who accompanied Yolanda to get an IV of vitamins. Agh. IVs freak me out, and I have to give props to Erika for enduring that while supporting Yolanda. I have to say I would be happy to accompany Yolanda but would not be partaking in the IV part. I think I will stick to swallowing my multivitamin.

Erika is a fun addition to our group and I think you will enjoy getting to know her.

Back home I met up with Lisa Rinna and Eileen. I was hoping to just catch up and have a nice night but the topic turned to my sister Kim immediately. I felt bombarded with the Kim questions. I am not my sister’s keeper and had no desire to discuss what was going on with her with two people that are not close to her or her friends. I love Eileen and Lisa, but it felt wrong. Plus it seemed they knew more than I did from looking at the internet. Watching Lisa Rinna speak against my sister Kim in her interview upset me. We all knew Kim was struggling, and it felt like she was kicking her when she was down. This is precisely why I didn’t want to discuss Kim with her at all.

The topic of Yolanda and her illness comes up yet again. At this time Yolanda was trying to figure out what else she could have that could be making her Lyme Disease symptoms even worse due to her compromised immune system. She was looking at every possibility, trying to find the missing piece to the puzzle. Like the fillings in her teeth or silicone poisoning. It seemed like everyone was trying to troubleshoot what could possibly be making Yolanda feel so bad. I spoke of my own personal experience after losing my mom. I feel that for ME it was depression that brought on the fibromyalgia, which also has similar symptoms to Lyme Disease. Yolanda and I had discussed that too in the past. None of us are doctors or have had any experience with Lyme Disease. And at this point (six months ago) Lyme Disease was something we had all heard of but knew NOTHING about.

Watching the two Lisas go on their excursion to get the “worlds smallest horse” was hilarious. They were like two little girls squealing in the back of the car. I would have loved seeing them try to get that horse on the private plane. Although, I still do think it looked more like a pregnant donkey.

As we watch Lisa plan Ken’s birthday party, we know its going to be good when we see Kevin Lee. It was a beautiful day, and I LOVE the rain! At first Lisa was nervous about the rain, but then we all were happy and embraced it.

The hats were a great touch, and it really did make me feel like we were all in an English garden.

Things started to get really fun when we all jumped in the pool! Clearly, we all love to have fun and thats what I love about this group of women. I mean we are grown adults laughing and swimming in the pool with our clothes on. When will we ever grow up? I hope never!

It was all fun and games until Ken was thrown in the pool. He had just had surgery and still had stitches in his hip. It was actually very scary. We all screamed and swam to Ken who at first seemed to just sink. As we lifted him up he seemed disoriented. After he got out of the pool he perked up. I’m sure he had a little incentive after what Lisa told him he had to look forward to later!

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