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Katie Maloney Calls James Kennedy ‘Despicable’ For The Way He Treated Kristen Doute!

On last week's episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute and James Kennedy called it quits.In a recent interview, Katie Maloney weighs in Kristen and James drama and she expresses that she is "definitely Team Kristen."

"I've had my own accounts with James where he has been very disrespectful in the way he speaks to me," Katie said during a recent interview with E! News. "And then to see him do that to Kristen, even tenfold, it's despicable to me, honestly, and I'm really happy and proud of her for nipping that in the bud and getting far away from that and getting to a much better, healthier spot in her own life."

Katie even looked to the future and described what kind of guy Kristen should be looking to date next. "Someone that keeps her on her toes, keeps her in check and also keeps her calm," she told E! News. "She needs someone that has a soothing demeanor, who's very even-keeled, because if you sort of get contentious with her, that's what sort of fuels her fire. So she needs someone who is just going to be very chill all the time."

If that's the case, Kristen should probably not be looking for love among the Vanderpump Rules crew. But speaking of the SURvers' relationships, Katie also teased what we can expect from Stassi Schroeder's highly-anticipated return to the show later this season. "Maybe she's not coming back for Jax," she revealed. "We were all very confused as to what she came back for, and you see all of that play out. As you could have guessed, she wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo