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Gamble Breaux Rekindles Friendship With Gabi Grecko Following Shot Lived Feud!

Earlier this month, Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux slammed tabloid sensation Gabi Grecko, accusing her of not being a good friend for not calling her after she returned to America following her split with husband Geoffrey Edelsten.

Now, Breaux and Grecko have ended their shot lived feud following a public apology from Gamble after a much needed long-distance phone call from Gabi.

“Super happy miss @gabigrecko has surfaced from her melancholy to get in touch with me this week,” the 43-year-old wrote on Instagram this week. She added: “Looking forward to catching up on her turf in NY!”

After several fans shared their thoughts on their reconciliation in the comment section, the Foxtel reality star responded: “Gabi is ok, she is just young.”

Gamble's post comes just one week after she publicly apologized to Gabi for comments she previously made about their rocky relationship - comments she chalked down to “one too many Pinot Noir.”

“Guess it's Christmas and every giant sparkly reindeer reminds me of my favourite AWOL New Yorker,” Gamble wrote.

“Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Have a merry Christmas and stay away from naughty elves. Hugs!”

The feud erupted after Gamble claimed that she stuck her neck out for the Miami born Model by inviting her into her elite inner circle - only to have the 26-year-old drop her once she moved back to New York after splitting with millionaire businessman Geoffrey Edelsten.

“She’s not a friend, she hasn’t showed any real friendship whatsoever,” the blonde bomshell told Daily Mail Australia at a $20,000 pet wedding charity bash she was officiating in Sydney earlier this month. She added: “I don’t consider her a friend anymore.”

I'm glad to hear that the two have made up!

Source/Photo Credit: Daily Mail Australia