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Eileen Davidson: “Yolanda’s Got Bigger Things To Worry About Than Lip Gloss Right Now”

Eileen Davidson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen explains why she wasn't in a celebratory mood and hints at some possible future drama. Eileen writes:

"I’m back, People! Geared up and ready for Season 6, my second season, of RHOBH.

With Lisa Rinna’s birthday party and Lisa Vanderpump lending her support for the LGBT community throwing the first pitch at the Dodgers game, there is a lot to celebrate in the premiere episode. Unfortunately, it’s hard for Vince and I to watch it without getting emotional. Recently, we lost my father-in-law Dick “Dickie” Van Patten after his health had been declining. I’m so grateful to be his daughter-in-law and to have him be our sons’ grandpa. I was lucky enough to be by his side in the hospital for much of the four weeks until he passed away. He was such a tremendous light in the lives of the people he loved and knew but also the millions of fans who grew up watching him. And, as you may imagine, it’s still a difficult time for our family.

I got another tug of my heartstrings watching Yolanda this episode. I so admire how she’s handling all of this. Her journey to regain her health seems like it’s still an uphill battle. But she’s tenacious and strong, and I know she’ll persevere. And about her not wearing makeup to Lisa R.’s birthday dinner? I don't know, maybe Yolanda’s got bigger things to worry about than lip gloss right now.

With all the life changes, I thought it was time for change I had some control over. So I enlisted my long-time friend, the incredible Lisa Fanjoy, to help me do a little redo of my home. I met Lisa twenty-years ago when we were both on Days of Our Lives. Going into this, I thought it’d be a fun little project that my friend and I could do together, you know, have some laughs, move a couple pieces of furniture. How naïve I was! I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, and there is no turning back. Now, I’m throwing things out, ripping curtains down, painting walls…what’s next? Installing a jacuzzi were the sofa is? Building a Starbucks in the laundry room? (Actually, that last one’s not a bad idea.) But I’m in it until the end, I’m afraid, because if I quit now my house will be completely crazy with no furniture and covered plastic sheets and paint cans everywhere. (Maybe I’ll just build a bar in the laundry room instead?)

So here's the thing... when I decided to come back and do the show again, I knew that I wanted to reveal even more of the authentic “me” to the audience and to the ladies. Looking back, I guess I didn’t know just how personal and just how very real it would get!"

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights at 9pm/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo