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Eileen Davidson Gives An Update On Kim Richards' Sobriety!

Despite having a difficult year, Kim Richards seems to be on a right path when it comes to her sobriety, at least one of her co-stars seems to think so. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Eileen Davidson  believes that Richards is finally sober.

“I only saw her once—was she doing better? She wasn’t high,” Eileen, 56, told OK Magazine. “So I guess that means she’s doing better.”

“It seemed like she was very much in control of her life,” she added. “But that is just from a brief encounter.”

Despite clashing last season, Eileen is happy to be reunited with Richards. “She’s been through hell this year, and I’m hoping that this is like a good thing and a good sign,” said the legendary soap star.

Eileen only hopes that Kim can stay on a sober and healthy-living path.

“I am hoping that she is better, and she’s on the right path to being well and healthy again,” she explained. “I’m always rooting for her to succeed.”

In the trailer for the new season, Lisa Rinna and Kim go at it again! It seems they haven’t mended their relationship after Kim accused Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, of cheating.

Eileen admits that she was disappointed in their behavior.

“I was kind of hoping that it would be the beginning of a new chapter,” she said. “I was hoping that so much had happened that we could let bygones be bygones because some really big, more important things happened than what even happened on the show last year—I mean some real you-know-what hit the fan in her [Richards’] life.”

Photo Credit: Bravo