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Apollo Nida Accuses Peter Thomas Of Being A ‘Fake Friend’ — Peter Responds!

The ladies from The Real Housewives of Atlanta need to watch out now, because their husbands are ready to snatch their peaches as Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas have found themselves in a heated feud after Nida accused Thomas of being a "fake" friend.

It all started last week when Apollo singled out Peter by calling him a "fake friend" on Instagram. It came out of the blue since Apollo's been silent since starting his 8 year sentence for multiple counts of fraud a year ago.

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Sources close to Apollo tell TMZ that he became enraged after hearing Peter has been bad mouthing him, saying Apollo deserved his prison sentence for stealing and money laundering. Apollo feels betrayed by Peter, and is also upset he hasn't heard from Peter since entering prison.

Peter, who's married to Cynthia Bailey, tells TMZ that his number hasn't changed and he has no idea why Apollo would air their "beef" on social media instead of calling him.

Peter says he's got a lot of friends in prison and there's a drill, they call you, because you can't call them. Peter could have sat down and penned a letter, but he says he's not much of a letter writer.

"If I am a fake friend because I don’t write a letter, then I’m a fake friend," said Peter.

Then, Nida took to his Instagram page to explain why he called out Thomas. "Over all Apollo said he respects Peter's drive & business sense, but over all Apollo states he is just a little hurt because it's been well over a year and he hasn't heard from Peter Thomas and Apollo thought they were boys and Peter had his back and would stay down. #nolovelost! Apollo just showing his emotional side as a friend should. Apollo said the relationship was never fake on his part so what's the issue with allowing everyone to know how he feels. Apollo says his & Peter Thomas's friendship started with you all watching, so Apollo doesn't mind letting you all know how he feels. NOW GO AND SUPPORT SPORTS ONE BAR & LOUNGE," he wrote.

Photo Credit: Bravo