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Vicki Gunvalson Breaks Silence On Brooks Ayers' Cancer Bombshell: “I Hate Him, I Hate Him With Everything In Me”

Vicki Gunvalson has broken her silence on the revelations regarding her ex-boyfriend's health. "I'm completely shocked. I've seen the bills, I went to City of Hope," the Real Housewives of Orange County star told Extra after it was revealed that Brooks Ayers did not receive cancer treatment at City of Hope hospital, where Ayers had previously said he'd been receiving treatments for the disease.

Though Vicki had defended Brooks against accusations that he had fabricated the health scare throughout the recent season of RHOC, she revealed on Extra that she sometimes had her doubts, too.

"I think that towards the end of filming, with the start of the psychic and Tamra saying the psychic didn’t see cancer, I thought, 'Well, then cool, he's cured,' but then it… didn't make sense and why is he switching doctors? He was at City of Hope, then he switched over to Hoag… and at the end of the day, I thought, 'That's his journey.'"

Standing by her man eventually came back to bite Vicki on this season of RHOC as her fellow 'Wives came to think that she was lying about Brooks' health as well.

"I think they thought I was in on a scam. My life is so abundant, I didn't need to make a fake storyline, and I sure as hell wouldn't make it up about Brooks… As God as my witness, I would never want to make something up like this; it's actually quite sick," Vicki said on Extra, adding that she also owes her RHOC castmates an apology. “I'm embarrassed. I want to tell the girls I'm sorry."

In fact, Vicki said neither she nor Brooks ever intended his cancer to become the focus of Season 10 of RHOC. "He really didn't want to talk about it on the air and he didn't film that much this year, so I just thought, 'Okay, we'll mention it…' I thought it was just going to be over and done, I didn't want to promote it, I didn't want to talk about it… but the problem is you're filming a reality show," she said on Extra.

Vicki admitted to getting duped by Brooks during this season's RHOC reunion, and she similarly took responsibility for believing Brooks during her interview with Extra.

"I was born that you trust and honor the person you're in love [with] — why would I think he would be lying to me, what would be his benefit… ? The lies had to be enormous, what he went through to make these lies up," she said.

Vicki also cleared up rumors that there's a new man in her life after reportedly being spotted out with Smith Walker last week. "I went on a date with a really great friend I've known for five years, but he's not a new man in my life. I'm not dating material right now," she said.

How does Vicki feel about Brooks now?

"I hate him, I hate him with everything in me, and I don't hate people, but I believed him, I trusted him, I defended him, took a bullet for him when people didn't like him," she explained.

Watch the full interview below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo