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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: The Reason Why Chateau Sheree Is Still Unfinished!

Sheree Whitfield made her grand return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta's season eight premiere episode. Her returned caused tension between her and Kenya Moore when the former Miss USA threw major shade towards Chateau Sheree for being unfinished. Now a new report is revealing the reason why Whitefield hasn't moved in yet. Find out why below!

“Sheree hasn’t been able to come up with the money needed to finish the house, an insider tells Radar Online. “Her ex-husband Bob’s bankruptcy impacted her, as well as getting hit for tons of money in back taxes. Who knows if she will ever be able to move into it.”

The insider claimed, “There has even been talk that Sheree has tried to privately sell it to come up with cash.”

When asked by her castmates during a recent episode of RHOA about the status of the construction on her mansion, Whitfield said she was “still building” the home.

“It takes time,” Whitfield told the ladies. But her admission only led to Kenya Moore alleging that people in the neighborhood “had been complaining to the city” about Whitfield’s mansion.

“Anybody that has built a house before, then they probably can come to me. But if they have not, then they can probably keep renting,” Whitfield said.

Moore also claimed that neighbors had been complaining about Sheree’s ongoing construction, claiming it was bringing down the value of their homes.

In her Bravo blog, Sheree admitted to financial problems, and said she “took on an enormous project with my family and clearly got in way over my head.”

Photo Credit: Bravo