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Sheree Whitfield Says She Is “Happy” With The Progress Of Chateau Sheree!

Sheree Whitfield's return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta exploded in drama between her and Kenya Moore during Cynthia Bailey's eyewear launch party over their homes, Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor. It was a disagreement that Whitfield says she definitely never saw coming.

"I was totally surprised by that because I didn't know her, so for her to come off so aggressive and just appear so desperate it totally surprised me," Sheree told The Daily Dish. "I honestly didn't keep up with a lot of the seasons when I left, so probably had I kept up, I wouldn't be surprised. But for her to attack someone she didn't know, I thought that was... I was caught off-guard and I thought it was uncalled for."

And while it may take a little more work for Kenya and Sheree to mend their relationship, work is still very much underway on Sheree's home. "Construction's going. You know, I get kind of frustrated. I just kind of prioritize. I put a lot into this house: time, energy, effort. This is just me saying, 'You know what? I've never built a house. I'm gonna do it.' It was me wanting to do everything on my own," she said. "And I did not hire a contractor, a [general contractor], I was the [general contractor]. I made some mistakes, but at the end of the day I'm not upset. I'm happy and I'm happy with the direction it's going [in]. I love fashion. And with fashion, that's interior [design], that's clothing, all of that. So for me to take something and create something major, that's awesome."

The experience has also led Sheree to consider a whole new career for herself. "I can see myself in the future kind of rehabing homes. Going to older homes, buying them, gutting them, and creating something beautiful," she explained.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo