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Kristen Doute: “I Didn't Really Have A Reason Not To Believe James And DAMN His Story Was Convincing”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Kristen Doute talks about this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Kristen Doute opens up about James' betrayal and dishes on her friendship with Scheana. Check it out below! How has your life changed after SUR? Are you still glad you don’t work their anymore?

Kristen Doute: I'm much better as a customer and advocate of SUR. I'll always remember table numbers so I know which one to reserve for myself. I am grateful for the time spent there - it allowed me to support myself financially and make some of the greatest friends and memories of my life. I also, though, allowed SUR to hold me back. In hindsight, Lisa letting me go was like taking the training wheels off and pushing me out in to adulthood. The things I love about SUR I'll always love, but I could never sling crispy chickens again. Were you nervous and/or worried about going to Scheana's party after not technically being invited?

KD: I was slightly apprehensive about going to Scheana's party without the actual invite only because of Tom and Ariana. I knew that it was in Scheana's best interest to not extend the invitation personally, as it would just cause unnecessary stress for her on her day. Scheana and I were not in a bad place at this time. We weren't at the strongest point of our friendship, but she still meant a lot to me and I knew James had hinted I would be stopping by. I walked in hoping for the best, but accepting the possibility of being asked to leave. To me, it was worth taking the chance to show Scheana that I cared... Plus, I know she's a sucker for a good gift. Haha. You uncovered the fact that Jenna and James spent the night together after Scheana's party. After you confronted James, he revealed what happened between the two of them. At the time, did you believe he was telling you the whole truth or did you think there was more to the story?

KD: At the time, I didn't really have a reason not to believe James and DAMN his story was convincing. There was a slight doubt in my mind, but I blamed myself for that because of the mistakes I had made (and lies I had told) in past relationships. James did his homework and knew exactly how to play me. Watching the episode back I felt naive and betrayed. To hear him compliment Jenna at the after party the way that he did, as I sat there, and then brag about "boning" her while I stupidly took him back was beyond humiliating. When you found out about Jenna and James you reached out to Scheana and she said you called her a “rude bitch.” What made you so mad at Scheana?

KD: When Scheana had first called me about James' Uber receipt, we both went into detective mode because we both felt like we were being lied to - by Jenna and by James. Understandably, she didn't want to accept that her friend would lie to her that way. After I broke up with James at the restaurant, Scheana still refused to believe that something had happened between them although James was caught red handed. She was still being lied to by both and assumed that James gave in to my accusations because I would never accept that "nothing happened". Let me clarify I never called Scheana a "rude bitch", but I WAS frustrated with her for pigeonholing me and thought it was a rude and bitchy thing to say to me. Scheana also said that when you and James are having problems you take it out on your friends. Do you think that's true?

KD: In this situation, I involved Scheana because she chose to be involved by calling me about the Uber receipt. It wasn't her problem or relationship to be accountable for, but at the time she was my only link in finding out the truth.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo