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Kim Fields On Bonding With Phaedra Parks: “We're Committed To What Our Responsibility Is As Moms”

There's one Georgia peach that Kim Fields relates to the most: Phaedra Parks. While the two Real Housewives of Atlanta stars don't face all the same challenges as parents since Phaedra is a single parent, while Kim is married, Fields explained to The Daily Dish that at their core they are each trying to raise their sons in a complicated world.

"Because we are both moms of very young children, boys, we're committed to what our responsibility is as moms," she said, in the clip above. "And also, as African-American moms with African-American boys — that's very real in our climate right now, in our culture right now. And so [we're committed to] how we are nurturing them and working with them, and growing them as princes and growing them as global citizens already."

Kim went on to describe her take on her other cast members, revealing that Cynthia provides her with "chic inspiration" and Kandi gave Kim and her husband Chris a Kandi Koated "care package" that's, ahem, been put to good use.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo