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Kim Fields Explains Why She Decided To Join #RHOA!

After shutting down reality television for many years, The Facts of Life and Living Color alum Kim Fields reveals why she and her family decided to join the world of reality television with The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"We've been asked to do reality TV for years, and it just wasn't the right timing, right opportunity," she tells E! News.

"It's such an adventure. It's something different," says Fields about RHOA. "If you're going to look up and celebrate 40 years of doing something, at this point, for me at least, the next logical progression is what's challenging? What's new? What's different?"

Although Fields didn't have any preconceived notions as far as what to expect, she made sure to do her research and due diligence before walking into situations that can get extremely volatile at times.

"I don't think it's fair to go into any environment armed with, 'Oh, this is already going to be this.' Just go in with an open mind, an open heart," she dishes. "Now, go in with wisdom so you don't get your head knocked off as soon as you hit the door!"

Fields, who will appear alongside her husband and two children on the show, says her biggest concern before taking the leap was the effect on her family and friends. "I'm very, very, very protective of my family, of my marriage, of my parenting."

And don't worry, she trusts the audience to know what fights are real and what's being blown out of proportion.

"Audiences are so smart now. They know what is puffed-up fodder that is dredged up just for the purposes of being mean-spirited. They know what's real. They certainly know me, and to be able to pull back another layer...has been exciting."

Photo Credit: Bravo