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Gretchen Rossi, Lizzie Rovsek And Meghan King Edmonds React To Brooks Ayers Recent Bombshell!

This week, a bombshell was dropped when Brooks Ayers admitted on fabricating cancer documents after E! News confirmed that Vicki Gunvalson's ex did not receive cancer treatment at City of Hope hospital, where Brooks had previously said he'd been receiving treatments for the disease.

Now, Gretchen Rossi, Lizzie Rovsek, Meghan King Edmonds and Vicki's brother Billy Steinmetz share their thoughts on the situation.

"Being that I watched my fiancé take his last breath as he passed away from cancer, I am appalled and disgusted that anyone would lie or make up false documents about a very serious disease that millions are fighting against for their lives everyday," Gretchen said in a statement to E! News, referring to her fiancé Jeff Beitzel who lost his battle with leukemia in 2008.

Gretchen went on to express her sympathy for Vicki Gunvalson after these revelations about Brooks' cancer came out. "I feel bad for Vicki as she was duped or unaware of this sick game he was playing with her."

Meghan King Edmonds, who question Ayers' illness during the recent season of #RHOC, has something short to say about the situation.

"Now it's time to focus our energy on helping the survivors and victims of cancer," Meghan told Entertainment Tonight. "There is so much work to be done to help those suffering. It wasn't easy exposing a lie about something that is so important to so many of us. It is time for all of us to move on and get to work in a positive way to help in the fight."

Lizzie Rovsek mirrored that sentiment. "He’s obviously a con artist of some sort," she told Real Mr. Housewife. "My energy is more geared towards Vicki. I think that what we need to focus on now is making sure Vicki gets a nice man in her life and that she mends relationships with her friends.”

Lizzie also expressed her sympathy for Vicki in the wake of the revelations. “I think we can all agree she was a little bit blinded by her relationship. I feel bad for her. My heart goes out to her," she said. “He basically admitted to lying about the cancer. Can we finally just move on? He’s getting way too much attention and fame and I’m sure he’s loving it.”

Even Vicki's brother, Bill Steinmetz revealed he was "astonished" by how far Brooks was willing to go. "I'm floored that he would bring paperwork with him that's false," he told E! News. "I don't understand the thought process. I had no reason to believe he didn't have cancer. I believe my sister and whatever she told me, I believed it," he continues.

His close relationship with Vicki and is faith in her, he says, allowed him to trust the situation and even caused him to defend Ayers. But that has since changed.

"I was the only one who had his back during the duration of the relationship because Vicki was telling me all these good things about him," he reveals. "Now I think I've been conned."

Steinmentz, who owns Stateline Construction, Inc. and Snap Fitness in Mundelein, Illinois, also tells reveals that other members of his family did not believe Ayers' story from the get-go but were encouraged to support Vicki in any way they could.

"The other side of my family—my other sisters and my niece—didn't believe anything," he says. "My mother didn't at first but then after a while, she was like, 'Whatever makes Vicki happy, you guys just have to accept it.'"

Photo Credit: Bravo