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Go Inside Dina Manzo's New Beverly Hills Zen Den Home!

A lot has happened to Dina Manzo since her last appearance on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. In the past year, not only has Dina become a brunette, but she has also become bi-coastal, splitting her time between New York and California.

Recently, Dina showed off her Beverly Hills rental in a new video on her YouTube channel. Dina shares some decorating tips on how you can to try to emulate some of the boho elements of her new abode to yours.

New Jersey had more of a French feel. Here, I'm doing more like a Bohemian thing, and I think it's just my personal style is changing as well. I'm not as dolled up as I always am, kind of always in comfortable clothes, and I think that happens as you just get more comfortable in your own skin, which is happening," Dina said in the clip. "So I wanted the vibe to reflect what I'm feeling personally to be in my surroundings as well."

In the video, you can get a glimpse of what Dina calls her sitting room, complete with a comfy white couch, Missoni pillows, and a big tray on her coffee table filled with collectibles that add to the room's overall eclectic vibe. Dina has furnished her new home with furniture from her New York apartment and storage, including the lush chairs in her dinette. A rustic-looking chandelier also hangs over the table. "As you remember in my old house in New Jersey, everything was crystal, crystal, crystal, crystal, so I wanted to think just a little bit more industrial and easy and simple," Dina said.

Dina has filled her dinette with plenty of accent pieces, including colorful throw blankets, flowers, and a collection of paintings she bought at a charity art show in Beverly Hills created by pediatric cancer patients or their family members. Since we've seen Dina share her passion for helping children with cancer and their families with her non-profit organization Project Ladybug, it's no surprise that this collection of artwork holds a special place in her heart.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo