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Gamble Breaux Dishes On 'Salacious' And 'Shocking' Third Season Of #RHOMelbourne And Her Friendship With Gina Liano!

According to Gamble Breaux, the upcoming third season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne is the most explosive season to date. The Foxtel. reality star teases about the upcoming series, her friendship with co-star Gina Liano and more. Check it out below!

During a recent interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Gamble Breaux revealed that there is one piece of gossip that's so 'damaging' on #RHOMelbourne that she doesn't even know if it will make it to air.

"There's some salacious gossip this season," revealed the 43-year-old reality star. "I was shocked - it's jaw-dropping."

Gamble admits that she's feeling much more comfortable now that she's got some experience under her belt.

"I've settled in much better because this is my second season. Last season was really difficult," she confessed. "The relationships are really deep now. We have real friendships and real grudges."

When asked about Susie McLean, the newest addition to the series, Gamble had nothing negative to say but did admit that she was 'feisty.' "She's fitting in well," said Gamble. "She's good, feisty, and opinionated."

When asked about her relationship with co-star Gina Liano, the blonde bombshell had nothing but kinds words about the glamorous barrister, admitting that she wouldn't have returned for another season without her by her side.

When asked if Gina had attended her wedding to eye surgeon Dr. Rick Wolfe this past September, Gamble kept quiet and teased that the fans have to watch the show to see.

Liano, who was forced to quit The Celebrity Apprentice after coming down with an unidentified illness, told the Herald Sun that she'd burst into tears from exhaustion during the trip to Byron Bay for Gamble's big day.

She was then told by doctors to take a few days off to recover, but didn't reveal whether or not she'd found the strength to see Breaux walk down the aisle.

Despite the situation, Gamble said that Gina was "a fantastic support leading up to it [the wedding]. "She's generous, supportive, and strong.," added Breaux.

The third season of the Real Housewives of Melbourne wrapped filming last week and is expected to air sometime in February 2016 on Foxtel's Arena!

Photo Credit: Foxtel