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Teresa Giudice's Husband Joe Opens Up About Her Prison Sentence: “I Was Supposed To Go Away, Not Her”

As Teresa Giudice continues to serve her prison sentence, her husband Joe sat down on Today and reflected on the events that led to their sentencing. "No, of course it's not worth it," the Real Housewives of New Jersey hubby told Today host Tamron Hall.

"It's not that I'm not saying I didn't do anything wrong or illegal, but it was definitely people behind talking to them and telling them we did this and telling but then we did that to bring it to their attention and being in the public eye didn't help."

The family will take fans inside their world during the three-part special Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Checks In (Sunday, October 11 at 8/7c), which will follow the Giudices during Teresa's time away.

Even today, Joe can't wrap his head around the fact that his wife is even behind bars.

"Well I was to blame, sure. I took full responsibility for everything, but they still put her away," he said. "[I] absolutely [feel guilty]. I was supposed to go away, not her. And that was part of the plea, what I thought anyway. I don't know what happened in the court room that day... I feel like somebody just snapped my neck that day. I felt the pain, the chill going down my spine. I couldn't believe it."

Watch the full interview below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo