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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Shares Update On Her Health Condition; Reveals She Will Undergo Heart Surgery!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann revealed that she will undergo surgery to correct the heart condition that played a role in her recent mini-stoke. According to E! News, the Don't Be Tardy star is currently taking blood-thinning medication and has scheduled a surgery.

"I have one of the top cardiologists in the country who's amazing. Anything that has to do with you heart and brain is pretty scary, but heck, I've been through it. I'm OK," she told E! "My aunt also has the same exact thing with the exact same story at the exact same age which is crazy," she explained.

Her mini-stoke led to her exit from Dancing With The Stars, but she plans to return for the season finale in December.

Kim Zolciak's mini-stroke may have led her to exit Dancing With the Stars, but in a recent interview with Good Morning America, the mother-of-six reveals that there was a silver lining to her health crisis.

“The minor TIA [mini stroke] revealed that I have a PFO [patent foramen ovale], which is like a hole in your heart that I was born with that never closes.” The reality star said the hole “basically” caused her stroke, noting her blood clot “was able to cross over through the hole, whereas most people don’t have that and it’s not able to do that.”

In regards to the people who accuse the Bravo reality star of faking her stroke, the blonde beauty had this to say::

“I just think it’s sick that somebody would ever think that,” she said. “And some of the people who have said that, it shows me their mentality. I don’t think that many people would really fake a stroke. Especially [since] I love ‘Dancing with the Stars.'”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo