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Juliet Angus Opens Up About Her Friendship With Caroline Fleming And Weighs In On Marissa Mermer's ‘Cougar’ Jokes!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Juliet Angus talks about this week's episode of Ladies of London. Juliet Angus dishes on her friendship with Caroline Fleming and Marissa Hermer's "Cougar" jokes. Check it out below! What was your inspiration for the bowling night?

Juliet Angus: In London we get dressed up most nights whether it’s to go to an event, a party or just dinner with friends. Things get quite formal here and it’s nice to balance it out with something down home and normal like bowling.  What did you think of Caroline Fleming's cooking lesson?

JA: It was just what I was needed and she is amazing in the kitchen! For one, I love simple, fresh and easy recipes, which she is a master at, as I don’t really have a knack for cooking. I stick to what I am good at and I don’t get too adventurous….in the kitchen, clearly Caroline does haha.  And secondly, she likes to have fun and it was refreshing to not feel like everything we were doing and saying was so serious and tense. I truly am much better around people who aren’t super judgmental and critical and can lighten me up. It’s easy for people to say they are your friend and much harder for them to actually really be one. Say what you say and do as you do. Why did you decide to have wigs for everyone?

JA: I went to a wig party years ago in LA and it was such a great party, everyone had a laugh because wigs just immediately lighten the mood. So throwing wigs into the mix with this group seemed like the icing on the cake to get us all start having fun again. Were you surprised Caroline Fleming was so put off by Marissa's cougar comments?

JA: No I wasn’t surprised, as women we innately protect our hearts and whoever is in them. No one should try to demean, judge or question our heart and its intentions – no matter the age, color or sex. The world needs more deep love and compassion so let’s celebrate and be grateful for those when they are lucky to find it!

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Ladies of London airs Monday nights at 10pm/9c on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo