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Jim Edmonds Explains Why He Comes Across So ‘Standoffish’ On #RHOC!

During a recent interview, Meghan King Edmonds' husband Jim Edmonds talks about his experience on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The former MLB player explains why he got so "irritated" and "stand-offish" during the filming of the Bravo hit reality show, and why the Edmonds' decided to to the show. Check it out below!

When asked if he was irritated by his portrayal on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Edmonds had a lot to say.

"You know what. That is me. But the reason you kind of see me stand-offish is I was so damn irritated by the filming and the long hours and my wife being used and abused. And me flying back in forth. And the kids' situation (with their mother dying). When there's cameras around and things aren't going smoothly...when there’s three cameras, they see your emotions come out and even if they're wrong, they're raw," Jim tells The Ryan Kelley Morning After. "I've been told in the past...they kind of use the guy-girl relationship...the guys always kind of look bad. I have to own it. That's me. But that's not how I treat my wife. She's amazing. I am going to the reunion so I can stand out in front of the world and say, 'hey listen, that wasn't me. That's not how I treat my wife.' Every couple fights. They catch you on TV, that's just the way it goes."

"I did not understand what I was getting myself in to as far as the amount of sitting around. When you are sitting around your house with seven people trying to get you to do random things because it is not scripted, it gets irritating. We'll see when the reunion comes out, how I respond.

"To me, the way I try to describe it to my wife...those girls need that drama because they need that show to survive. We don't need that. My wife was hoping that this would lead to her being a spokesperson and turn it in to something positive. She wants to make a career for herself."

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Photo Credit: Bravo