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Jill Zarin Reveals She Wants To Make Up With Bethenny Frankel!

Last week, Jill Zarin appeared on Watch What Happens Live to promote her SyFy original movie Night of the Wild. During her appearance, her infamous feud with Bethenny Frankel was brought up when Andy showed Zarin a clip of Frankel discussing the demise of their relationship during Bravo's Real Housewives of New York City 100th episode special.

While Jill didn't appear on the special, Zarin shared her opinion of Bethenny's version of the events. Check it out below!

"Well, I didn't believe her when she said 'I wasn't angry.' I mean, she sounded angry. I feel really bad. I mean, if she really thought that that's what I was up to, I really wasn't up to that," Jill said. "It was so long ago, it's hard to remember how I felt, but I'll tell you, and I want to say this: I miss her, and I want to make amends with her. I do. I mean, we tried two years ago, and listen — she's way moved on, I've way moved on, but there's something about us together that was really incredible, and I would like to make up with her."

In the years since their falling out, both women left the show with Bethenny returning for the most recent Season 7. So, did Jill tune in?

"Of course, I've watched," she explained, noting that her full opinion of Bethenny's return is something better served over dinner. "What I really think is that she needed a friend like me — not on the show. Not on the show. In real life, I think she really needed a friend like me. When we were good, we were really good together and I loved her. I loved her like a sister. Like, I really loved her."

During her appearance on the show, Jill also opened up about her recent car accident, as well as Ramona Singer's divorce. Check it out below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo