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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Jackie Gillies Dishes On Season Three Drama: “It’s Been Quite Upsetting, To Be Honest”

In a recent interview, Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies dishes about the upcoming third season of the Foxtel hit reality series. Gillies reveals that she is so rattled by the drama this season that she has questioned her involvement in the show.

“Sometimes I’m like, to Janet ( Roach), ‘is this all worth it?’,’’ she told the Herald Sun. “Sometimes you do feel like that and it gets really exhausting … It’s been quite upsetting, to be honest.”

“When you think you’re friends with someone and things happen.”

“We should feel very blessed to be chosen but at the end of the day, if you’re looking for drama, this is it.”

“The thing I’ve noticed over doing this for three years, is how people have changed,’’ she said. “Fame gets to people’s heads and I can’t stand that. This show is an amazing platform and format but at the end of the day you should just always remember where you come from, and that’s important to me.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel