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Gina Liano Slams ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ Host Mark Bouris; Calls Him ‘Rude’, ‘Disrespectful’ And ‘Unprofessional’

This week on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Gina Liano from The Real Housewives of Melbourne was forced to quit the reality series after being hospitalized for four days after catching a potentially ‘life-threatening’ virus. Now, the glamorus barrister is talking about her experience on Apprentice and shares her thoughts on Apprentice host Mark Bouris.

Liano says if she had known how “rude and disrespectful” Mark Bouris was in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, she may not have agreed to do the series. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star says she was not impressed with the way Bouris conducted himself on the show.

“If there was a man or woman, in my opinion, who behaved like that in a boardroom, they would not be welcome back, or invited back,” Liano told

“He is quite rude, he is dismissive and in fact I have never been in any scenario with a man who is so disrespectful to be honest. Ever.”

“I may not have even done the show had I known, to be honest. I’m a mature candidate, I’m not a twit. I’m used to being in a situation where there is (so little respect).”

“I’m not endeared to him at all,” she added. “I was quite disappointed actually and I’m not a prude either, just the language, all of it, I was not impressed.”

Liano said she believed Donald Trump, original host of the US series of the show, had better manners than Bouris and was surprised when she saw how he behaved.

While Liano acknowledged that Celebrity Apprentice was a television show and not a courtroom, she thought Bouris’ performance was unprofessional.

“Mr Bouris is certainly no judge, he doesn’t even have a quarter of the education of a judge and that is very apparent to me when he speaks.”

“I suppose he is behaving in a way that is entertaining ... I think it’s a way of getting a grab that’s entertaining, but I found it to be quite disrespectful, I didn’t like it. It wasn’t just his behaviour towards me, it was his behaviour towards everyone at one point or another. Calling me ‘a trainwreck’, you don’t go into your boardroom and call your members a trainwreck and announce that, it’s unprofessional.”

This week, Liano was forced to leave the show after being hospitalized for four days after catching a potentially ‘life-threatening’ virus.

“I was disappointed,” she said of leaving the show. “It felt a bit early in the piece for me. I would have liked to have stayed, I still had a lot of people willing and able to donate and I felt disappointed I didn't get to use those contacts, I felt like I let the team down a little bit. But in reality I hadn't let them down, my body had let them down.”

“I have to be careful because (after surviving cancer) if my body says stop, I have to listen to it.”

The Celebrity Apprentice airs Wednesday nights at 8.40pm on Channel Nine.

Photo Credit: Nine Network