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Gina Liano Forced To Quit ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’ After Being Hospitalized! — Find Out Why!

Despite being a forced to be reckoned with during the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, It's been confirmed that Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano will the leaving the Channel 9 series this week after being hospitalized with a stomach virus.

A spokeswoman for production company Freemantle Media confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that Liano‘wasn’t able to rejoin the show’ after she was rushed to hospital for treatment mid production.

As we previously reported, the incident occurred in August after Gina took a turn for the worst during the show’s filming of the fourth episode.

Gina spent four days in hospital which meant she missed the entire week four challenge and elimination and, although she was released in time for week five's challenge, she decided not to return to the show because she wasn't feeling 100 percent.

"She was good after a few days treatment," the spokeswoman for Freemantle Media told Daily Mail Australia.

The health scare which was deemed potentially life threatening at the time due to Gina's previous battle with bowl cancer, was brought on by a stomach virus that spread rapidly among the girls, who call themselves Team Fearless.

The serious of Gina's symptoms were exacerbated at the time, with Freemantle Media telling Daily Mail Australia they believed her illness was ‘related to an existing issue.’

However, in a recent interview, Liano shared some behind the scenes details on what might of caused her getting sick on set. According to Liano, she revealed that they filmed for up to 19 hours straight, starting at 4am, and were often prevented from eating, drinking or even using the restroom for hours at a time.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne star told the Herald Sun that she heard producers may have deliberately turned down the air-conditioning for filming late-night boardroom confrontations to make the stars feel uncomfortable.

The wardrobe department selected outfits so that stars were always dressed inappropriately for the conditions they would be working in, she said.

“I am a professional woman. It’s not uncommon for me to be in court for hours at a time, but even then, as a courtesy they will give everyone a break to use the bathroom and collect their thoughts.”

“That didn’t happen on Celebrity Apprentice or, as I like to call it, Celebrity Punishment.”

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia airs Wednesday nights at 8:40pm on Channel 9!

Photo Credit: Channel Nine