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Gina Liano Shuts Down Diva Rumors: “I Am No Diva”

During this season's The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Gina Liano threatened to walk off the show and demanded not to be filmed while she was putting her shoes on, but the Real Housewives of Melbourne is shutting down reports that she's a diva and explains the real reason behind her outburst.

Two weeks ago, the glamours barrister was forced to remove her high heels before boarding a ship during a challenge on Celebrity Apprentice told a cameraman “I’ve asked not to be filmed, I’ll walk off”. But the footage was shown, leaving Liano to defend herself over accusations of “diva” behavior.

“They were getting up my dress,” she told “I’m sitting on a step and I have to change my shoes and I’ve got to bend down and it just wasn’t a very dignified pose, and I didn’t want a camera up my dress, but they’re actually rude enough to (do it) and show the world that I didn’t want to be filmed with a camera up my dress. That, I didn’t like. They had no respect.

“If your mother was taking her shoes off and she didn't want a camera up her dress, that doesn’t make her a diva. That’s just being dignified. Some people put it down to being a diva, I put it down to being modest.”
Liano said she had never heard the word “diva” being associated with her before.

“I don't think I come across as a diva. I’ve got more substance as a person, I’m educated, I’m not freeloading off a husband or anything like that. I’m not a prude, I’m not overly conservative, I’m an educated woman who works hard and is a mother, so the diva word doesn't really apply, but if people want to call me a diva, that’s fine. Just come and hang out for a week with me at my house and see the diva I’m not.”

The Real Housewives of Melbourne star, who was forced to leave the show due to health scare said she wasn’t surprised by the way she was portrayed on the show.

“This is the thing I don’t like about reality TV. They’re looking to embarrass, disparage and catch you out as many times as they can and that’s what the entertainment is. I’ve been around the block 100 times, I’ve had bowel cancer, I’ve had two children, I have done a million things in my life, I am no diva. If I was a diva, I would have hung myself a long time ago, let me tell you.”

Photo Credit: Channel Nine