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Caroline Fleming: “I Was Put Off By Marissa’s Comments Because They Are Unattractive, Unnecessary, And Unkind”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Caroline Fleming talks about this week's episode of Ladies of London. Caroline explains why she was so upset by Marissa Hermer's cougar comment and dishes on her current relationship status. Check it out below! What inspired you to give Juliet a cooking lesson? Do you have any other beauty tips like your coconut oil secret?

Caroline Fleming: I got a feeling that Juliet enjoys food and seemed interested in a little new inspiration. As cooking and food are one of my greatest passions in life, I thought it would be a lovely way of us getting to know each other a little better. It's such a pleasure to cook for my children and my friends and giving a humble tutorial is also just wonderful! Do you have any other beauty tips like your coconut oil secret?

CF: I drink at least three liters of water a day and drink a shot of olive oil if I don't feel I get enough in my food. I actually crave it, like one time when I was filming Top Model in Denmark I had been without lots of olive oil for a couple of days so when I got back to my hotel I ordered a small jug of olive oil which I sipped lying in the bath - I think this could be the reason why I don't have a single stretch mark even though I gained 25 kgs each time I was pregnant and also why my skin doesn't wrinkle easily...The coconut oil is genius, it tastes good and it smells good and keeps your skin so young and supply and summery, even in winter. What else can you tell us about your boyfriend?

CF: I am very good friends with the man I was dating around Christmas of last year and after a few lovely months together it took it's natural steps organically transitioning to a gorgeous friendship. Why were you so put off by Marissa's cougar comments?

CF: I was put off by Marissa’s comments because they are unattractive, unnecessary, and unkind. I don't believe in making judgements, and I believe in kindness and goodness and allowing your inside to reflect your outside. I am both surprised and also slightly put off by what Marissa says and also how she just keeps going on and on about it - very ungraceful and far away from what  I believe in. I believe in goodness and kindness all around, I believe in generosity of spirit. Unkind comments often come from unhappy place and I wish everyone well…

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo