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Andy Cohen Dishes On #RHOC Season 10 Reunion And Brooks Ayers Interview!

Andy Cohen confirmed that he sat down with Brooks Ayers for a special interview during a segment on his Sirius XM show Andy Cohen Live on Monday, October 5. The Watch What Happens Host revealed that Brooks will answer queries surrounding his cancer diagnosis - the interview will be a part of the Real Housewives of Orange County season ten reunion.

Andy along with Bravo producer John Hill talk about Andy's interview with Brooks as well as the "most adult Orange County reunion" the latter has been a part of in years.

"I interviewed Brooks, which is going to be played during the reunion," Andy explained. "You will [know about Brooks after that interview]." John watched the nearly hour-long conversation and shared his take. "I watched that entire thing and I was riveted," he said. "I wouldn't be surprised if [Brooks' cancer diagnosis is] fake, if it's not true. I don't think that if something is true, he wouldn't be defending it like he is."

In addition to Brooks' appearance, Andy confirmed that this reunion was different than those of seasons past.

"I always say, 'Oh it was very dramatic.' What I liked about this reunion was there are a lot of revelations," he explained. "It was the most adult Orange County reunion that we've had in a few years...meaning there was not a ton of screaming. There were emotions; there were tears.... What I loved was there were a lot of revelations; there were things revealed that were very surprising from almost everybody. So that was great."

Listen to the segment below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo